Tuesday, November 24, 2015




Hello My Lovelies.

Blogging at 5 am because I couldn't sleep.
I was rolling on my bed , couldn't fall asleep so here I am !

My weekend was amazing. I had lots of stress that I unnecessarily put on myself and when I think bout it now , I feel foolish hahaha !! My close friends knowing that I'm really stressed out ( afraid that I'm going crazy maybe ) actually spent some time to accompany me over the weekend. During my difficult times , they are always there for me. With that I feel super blessed. Thank you for putting up with my nonsense guys hahahaha !



On Friday Night , I went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner alone. It was jam , worse than usual plus it's raining. I don't usually hang out in Sunway because it's really far from my place. But I will be meeting up with my friends later so it was an exception. 

Since the jam was bad , Soo Weai and Kenneth only manage to arrive at 8.30 pm lol. I went ahead , had my falone dinner and dessert also they haven't reach. . .


You know when I was eating alone , I felt kinda depressed.
People around me were in pairs or in a big group and I was there , falone.
So I was eating when looking at my phone. #superawkward

Then it hit me , argh there goes my dream of travelling alone !
I'm so awkward walking and eating alone so how do I go travel alone.
I think I would end up crying and crawling back to Malaysia hahahaha !





Finally my bros Soo Weai and Kenneth arrived.
Our karaoke plans were cancelled because it was too late.
We went for some drinks instead.

Lucky for us it's Ladies Night so all the drinks were 50 % off.
Perks of being a girl haha !




That night I was thinking , I'm happy having friends that can make me laugh.
Soo Weai and Kenneth are very good in making cold jokes hahahahahaha.
Seeing them both together is such a blessing , years passed by and they are still so loving.

One day if they are getting married , I wonder will I be her bridesmaid or his best man ?
hahahahahahahaha !!


Saturday Morning.
Wake up early to do some cardio.
Guess what ? I'm never a early person , but choosing to wake up early today
gave me an opportunity to see this beautiful view. The skies look so good ,
what a great way to start my day !



Today is My Princess , Hermes's turn to accompany the crazy me.
Wearing her birthday gift to me this year , a beautiful sweater.

We planned to watch Hunger Games together .


I have a thing for socks.
I wear sneakers 90 % of the time so I love collecting socks.
Cute socks make me happy !



These lovely earrings reminds me that Christmas is coming soon.
It's so cute but kinda pricey. Kinda tempted to get a pair , maybe
can match with a Christmas Sweater then celebrate with my friends.
That would be nice.


My favorite Hokkaido Pork Don.
Nowadays my friends find it hard to eat out with me because I
avoid carbs like rice or noodles. This time I just ate the pork on top
and a couple of spoonful of rice that's all ahahahaha. 

I'm on a strict diet and carbs is everywhere outside.
Sometimes it's hard , but I won't give in to temptations.


Head back to my place so that My Princess could do some of her assignments since she's gonna spent the whole Saturday with me. ( Thanks for that really /hugs )


Then we changed into our black dresses for our Romantic Dinner 
and Girls Night Out ! It's our first time doing this together ~ we went to a
fine dining restaurant for dinner. It was  weird experience for both of us.

It was our first time doing this kinda thing and hahahahaha ,
can't stop laughing . We have many inside jokes
while eating but let's just keep that to ourselves.








You see how cute my princess is ?
How much she has grown since I first get to know her.
Now she became even more beautiful and matured.
I'm so proud of her.

All I can wish for her is that one day she will meet a
good man that deserves her love and able to take great care of her.
Because she is such a wonderful person , she deserves nothing but the best.



I realized that I'm getting more and more boyish nowadays.
I'm so lazy in dressing up , I'm always in my sweater / t-shirt and jeans.
It feels good wearing a dress once in awhile.
Feels good going out feeling feminine and pretty.



We went to this secret place to just chill for the rest of the night.
The ambience is great.

And we had 3 bowls of that popcorn.
( Just too delicious , more cardio next day lol )





Went out with Soo Weai and Kenneth again to get materials
for our cosplay costumes. Then back to my place to process
my photobook orders ! That was pretty much half my Sunday gone lol

About 7 pm , we went to fetch Goldie ( Soo Weai's pet dog )
from the groomer ! There I met this grumpy looking cat.



He is so cute !
I think cats like me naturally.
He came to me and rub his body against my legs then
follow me around hehe.


Dinner Time.
Kenneth brought us to his favorite OmuRice Cafe !
I think that this place is a great place to hang out .
Beautiful interior and quite spacious too.

The lady boss is very nice.
I will come back again.




Their Omurice is their Specialty.
I want to avoid carbs but ah ~ eat a little work out later.
Demi Glazed OmuRice with Croquette.
All freshly made ~ I enjoyed it very much.



Today I did something unusual.

I went to a cafe with a book.
I like to read but I always don't have time to finish a book.
Now I found the perfect solution to my alone-feeling-awkward problem.
A book.


Kinda enjoy just sitting down , no worries.
Just me , my latte and my book.


Beautiful flowers to accompany me.



They are putting up Christmas decorations in the cafe.
Reminds me of my favorite season of the year.






Magnificent Scenery.
Glad that I'm out today.

" My country is so beautiful ! "
That was on my mind when I see this view.
Makes me wonder how much have I missed out in my life.



My New Year Resolution for next year will be ,
" Go out and experience the different things in life . "

Feeling very blessed this year.
With all the good vibes I get from my friends ,
I'm ready and energized for AFASG this weekend.

Looking forward to see you all soon.

With Love,