About Me


Hello Everyone (´∀`)♡

I am Ying Tze from Malaysia ! 

A big anime / manga / games fan since young , I have been cosplaying for almost 9 years up to date. What I love about cosplay is costume making and also being able to meet friends with the same love and interests. 

A blogger since 2010 , I blog mainly about events , cosplay / cosplay tutorials and my journey as a cosplayer. Blogging is a way for me to share my thoughts and experiences to my readers that a photo alone couldn't convey. (‘∀’●)♡

Besides costume making , I enjoy gaming too. Previously my gaming platform is PS1 , PC and GameBoy. Now I mainly play on PS3. My favorite game genres are RPG / First Person Shooter like Call Of Duty , Final Fantasy , Grand Theft Auto , BioShock and Resident Evil.

p/s : I looooove violent games lol

Another fact about me - I love cats ! I have six lovely cats at home that accompanies me during my costume making + gaming sessions. ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿