Monday, April 17, 2017



Since my last blog post , I've been to two more events overseas and back.
That was really tiring for me because it's two events back to back and I'm only home for a few days in between. Of course my beloved cat , BabyG is acting cold towards me because she haven't seen me for awhile. It's really hard winning her heart back again !

I took two weeks of break on cosplay and costume making , focusing on finishing my new photobook , " TamamoCat Only PhotoBook ." It's been awhile since I produced a new book because it's hard to squeeze in time for photo shoot with my hectic schedule. Thank God for my photographer , he is quite flexible with his time. For that I'm really grateful.

There are lots of other projects that I would like to work on and heaps of costumes waiting for a proper photo shoot. My next project would probably be a school girl cosplay. I love this anime very much , hopefully I'm able to work on a photobook for it soon. It will be so much fun ! I'm looking forward to it !

For now , I'm really addicted to a game called " Persona 5 ". I'm 24 hours into the game and it's nowhere near to completion. It's just so good that I kept playing it and time passed by so quickly that I go , " ehhhhh ? It's 2 am already ?! "  

Honestly , my time management is so bad nowadays. I'm thinking how can I balance between cosplay , costume making and playing games ? It's so difficult. I'm making plans for Persona 5 cosplay as I play the game. It would be nice if I'm able to have a full team for this. Like people who are really into this game. Most probably it would be tough because I'm too tall and I want to be the girl character hahahaha !

Anyways , I'm going for a holiday till this Sunday. I haven't been traveling for leisure for awhile ( it's always for work ) so I'm looking forward towards my relaxation week. 

Have a nice day everyone.
I've missed talking to you all like this !!

With Love,