Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Photo Jul 02, 9 37 44 PM

I just got back from Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 !!!!
This is my 3rd year being a part of the guest cosplayer line up ~ thank you so much for your continuous support that I'm able to travel here and meet you all ! I'm having a lot of feels for this event because I had an amazzzinnngggg time . Let me tell you why !

Photo Jul 03, 2 11 58 PM

Instead of taking my flight , I had a road trip instead . The reason being 1. I have my Saber Sword , 2. I have my big Tohru Tail , and 3. I brought my PS4 !! ( I'll tell you why later in this blog post hahahahahahahah ) . 

Usually for events , I'll not bring cosplays with too many props or big parts of costume due to luggage limit. It'll be difficult dealing with oversize luggage and overweight in the airport. Penang is only 4 hours ++ drive from Kuala Lumpur ( where I stay ) so why not ? 

Photo Jul 01, 10 03 59 AM

For Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 , I made a new costume : Saber Lily from Fate Grand Order ! I like this costume design a lot ~ I bought the fabric months ago with Saber Lily in mind but my initial plan was Saber Nero. Unfortunately the lace I ordered got lost in mail and my Saber Nero Sword broke during shipping ! I'll still work on Nero for next event though !

To be honest I'm a little insecure with this costume because it's a ponytail wig which means no hair to cover my shoulders and my arms are flabby lol. On the event day I woke up at 6.30 am to do some arm workout , hopefully I won't look too bad. * fingers crossed *

I haven't been working out at all in June , with all the birthday celebrations and all . JULY IS THE MONTH I SHALL BE REBORN. 

Photo Jul 01, 12 45 03 PM

My only schedule for Day 1 is Photo-taking at Canon Booth !
I'm loving the Canon Booth for this year because the photos turn out really nice for everyone ! The lighting is so good , I'm a Happy Saber Lily ! Thank you all who came to have pictures with me ~ I hope that you'll love the photos as much as I do !

Photo Jul 04, 11 18 51 AM

Cosplay Singles Showdown !
Miss Mercy here won the 3rd place this year !
I'm so happy for her because I see her every year and her cosplays have improved lots this year. Her Mercy is gorgeous !

Congratulations Yukiko !

Photo Jul 02, 11 35 30 AM

Day 2 as Tohru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

Pros of this costume is that I love it lots because of the fabric and laces and the con is I look super big in it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Like a huge draaaagooooooon !!

This is one of the rare anime that makes me want to cosplay every character !

Photo Jul 02, 1 42 10 PM

My Day 2 Schedule is packed because I have a Cosplay Workshop , a Stage Appearance and two Autograph Sessions . Love being busy , I get to go out more often and meet more people !!!

( actually I love taking selfies with people a lot hahahahahaha )

Photo Jul 02, 9 37 25 PM

Photo Jul 02, 9 38 01 PM

Photo Jul 02, 9 38 18 PM

My cosplay merchandises sold out during the event !
All the cosplays featured in the merchandise are made by me , so I'm really happy that you guys like it and support my work. Thank you all for your loving support and patience in queuing for both my photo and autograph session. Lots of you come from KL , Johor , Melaka , Sarawak , Singapore and of course all the lovely Penang people ! Thank you so much for making time to meet me !

Photo Jul 02, 11 37 26 AM

TA-DA !!

My Cosplay Workshop for this year is Playing Games with The Audience !!!!!!!!!
I prepared some gifts for those who plays with me on stage . I only prepared 4 gifts though , didn't expect that I'll be rekt so fast till I have to play 7 games noooooooo !!!

Photo Jul 04, 11 18 15 AM

This is why I brought my PS4 all the way from KL.
I wanted to play Tekken 7 with the audience instead of my regular workshops. I think that it's more enjoyable this way and I loveeeeee playing games despite being so bad in it ! Out of 7 games , I only won 3 because I'm lucky. All the players are so good , much better than me.

I don't mind losing because I had so much fun !!!
I was screaming and probably my facial expressions is like a troll but gosh , THIS IS MY BEST PENANG ANIME MATSURI EVER.

To those who played with me , I hope that you had fun ok ?!

Photo Jul 04, 11 17 43 AM

Of course behind every happy cosplay guest is a great assistant !
Kosmo here is my assistant again for this year ~ who takes good care of me !

He is the only helper in history that is taller than me by the way .

Photo Jul 02, 9 36 48 PM

To my boys who are always so supportive of me. 
It was fun hanging out with you all after event. They are all from different cities , but they can be good friends and gather during events , helping each other and having fun. * give you 10 thumbs up *

Btw , this ARANG CAFE is so good. It's always packed with people and the menu are sold out sometimes. I still didn't get to eat the croissant that I wanted to eat lol. Maybe next trip !!

Photo Jul 03, 2 26 07 PM

This concludes my Penang Anime Matsuri Trip !

I'm one haaaaapppppy girl.
Thank you Penang !!!!