Friday, March 10, 2017




* coughs *

I made a goal this year that I would blog at least once a week . To pen down my thoughts when it's still fresh in my mind. I do lots of things all year long and my memories isn't good to remember it all , so I guess this is a good way to keep track of my happy memories !

This year would be my 5th year since I was blessed with the chance to travel around the world as a cosplay guest. To be honest , when I started cosplaying , I would have never imagined that I could be doing it this long , and constantly be given opportunities to do something that I love so much. I have many stories to tell but I guess it's not time to do that yet.

I was in Singapore last weekend for Kurate Gakuen's Event , a Cosplay Gathering in SCAPE . I had an extra free day so I went around Orchard Road to shop for cosmetic products and search for my beloved Mos Burger.

During my stay in Singapore I had 4 meals of Mos Burger and about 2-3 cups of GongCha with Pearls. People ask me why do I like Mos Burger so much ? It's because Malaysia don't have it hahahahahahahaha !

I'm a simple girl. I like my rice burgers and milk tea , that's all.


With my little free time , I went to shop around Orchard Road. 
Usually I won't spend any money in Singapore because the exchange rate for the currency is kinda sad. However , this time I made an exception !

The Etude House in Singapore has a good vibe to it and somehow the pretty interior design and product packaging makes you want to buy everything. I think girls are often attracted to pretty packaging. I got myself a eyeshadow base , a concealer for dark circles /laughter lines and the magical highlighter powder !

As a cosplayer , I am always looking for new make up products and trying out stuff that would make my cosplay make up better. Some products works and some doesn't but oh well ~ it is part of learning . ( lesson to my crying wallet lol )



On Saturday Night , I had a photoshoot with the Kurate Gakuen Team from Japan !
The location is one of Singapore's Famous Landmark : The Gardens by The Bay. It's my first time having a photo shoot here. I was feeling kinda shy because there were many tourists . Though I've been cosplaying for a long time ,  I still feel shy whenever I'm having a shoot outdoors. 

I'm extremely shy when people look at me hahahaha !
People was like , " Are you sure ? How can you be a cosplayer if you are shy ?! )
This is something I can never explain !


With DD Tenka !
From the first time we met few years back till now , she never aged a day !
I wonder what's her secret ? She cosplays beautiful female characters and handsome male characters ! I'm a little jealous !


With Kuro-san from Kurate Gakuen Team !
He is my photographer for the night and it's really nice meeting him again. He is a great photographer but as usual , I'm still shy when I'm working with someone that I just met. It will take maybe 5-6 photo session together before I feel really comfortable hahahaha !

This time we took photos in the Flower Dome.
It's my first time here , now they are having Sakura Trees inside because it's Spring Season.
It's not fully bloomed yet but still really beautiful.



Nozomi's Sweet Devil.
I think I'm doing a little better this time.
Not as nervous , I want to be better so Kuro-san can have nicer photos !


Team Kurate Gakuen !
It's an interesting experience taking photos in a place filled with tourists. Somehow it trains me to pretend that there's nobody around. hahahahahahahaha ! 
I'll be like , " Relax and pose nobody is here !! Only me and my photographer ! "


On event day , I debuted my new ALO Asuna cosplay !
I made this earlier that week and the wings in one hour before my flight.
It's been awhile since my last Asuna cosplay . Previously people keep telling me that I'm more of a Leafa than Asuna , that I should just cosplay Leafa instead.

Things like this , sometimes I do take it to heart. I want to make better cosplays , cosplays that are believable. But as I grow older , I realized that you should always cosplay anything that you like. After all cosplay is much more fun if you are happy and passionate about it. Do something that you have 100 % passion in and give it your all !



This is a small event but small events like these have its own charm.
I feel closer to the people that came to see and support me. I get to talk more to them and I get to take photos with everyone without much time limit. 

Though it's just a one day event , many people came and I'm really surprised.
I had a talk about my Kurate Gakuen Trip and I'm glad to be able to share about my experiences , interacting with all the people who came for this event.




I get to reunite with the other Kurate Gakuen Ambassadors !
Nana Pink and Hitonari from Japan plus Maoru , Niri and Kiyo from Singapore !
Everyone is so cute and on point . They inspire me to want to have better cosplays !



With my bae , DDTenka.
His Yurio is so cute !!!


My Favorite Ship , Kiyo as Shimakaze !



It was raining quite heavily that weekend so we couldn't go far for another photo session.
So we took some photos outside the event area. It's a nice place , with lots of greens as background. I love greens by the way . ( in my photos XD )


I love this photo by Kuro-san.
Can't wait to make more ALO Asuna costumes ! 




This is also my first Cosplay Event of 2017. 
I'm glad to kick off this year with such a wonderful event. 
If you guys are reading this , thank you so much for attending this event and I'm so grateful to see each and everyone of you ! Thanks for making my day !


Thank you for all the lovely gifts and letters as well.
This is my energy source to do my best this year !!!!!
( your handwritten letters and your messages I will keep it close to my heart )


My event schedules will be more hectic starting from March.
To all the places that I'll be visiting next , I'm looking forward to see you all ok ?!

With Love,