Thursday, March 2, 2017



As I grow older , I want to age gracefully ... hoping that I still look good regardless of age. Is it just me that time passed by really fast this year ? With a blink of an eye , it's already March ! In three months time , I will be one year older.

To be honest , I'm really scared of looking unattractive. I mean it's only natural for a girl to feel so right ? ( I'm not the only vain person here right ????! ) That's why I try my best to work out whenever I have time , eat cleaner / healthier meals and drink more water. Of course , I'm still tempted by all the desserts and pizza !!!

As a Costume Artist , I couldn't stick to sleeping early or resting more because my working hours are super odd. I put on make up quite often for photo shoot / video shoot. I travel overseas a lot and the flights hours made me really tired sometimes.


So I took this photo during my trip in Fukuoka , Japan.
This is taken using my new camera and even with portrait mode , you can see that my skin is kinda rough , my laughter lines are very obvious and I look really tired.

I was kinda shocked to be honest . 
Do I really look like this now ? Ah , so sad. 
With photos , if I look tired I could just put extra filters on it and it's passable but I want to look good in real life too. That's what I thought !

So when I got back to KL , a friend recommended that I should try taking some supplements or try drinking collagen ! It is said that cabin crews who had to work long hours drinks collagen as well to look better. 

I'm not big on supplements because I'm a lazy person. The thoughts of waking up and having to eat all sorts of pills scares me .But oh well , there is no harm in trying right ? So I went to the nearest pharmacy and got myself a box of collagen !


There are various brands but I picked Blackmores .
( because that's the only brand name I recognized , they make a lot of health supplements ! ) 

According to the packaging , the benefits of drinking collagen includes skin firming , reducing fine lines and pores , skin brightening , and more . Basically it means that it's good for your skin . If you are vain , then you should try it lol .

I got the Blacksmore 10 000 MG High Strength Collagen , it has 12 bottles per box . As instructed , I drink one bottle per day for six consecutive days and then one bottle every two days for maintenance. 


Here's my Day 3 and Day 6 Collagen Progress Photo. 
I didn't manage to take the Day 0 photo because I wasn't expecting to share about this since I'm not sure whether it works or not. When I showed this to my Princess Hermes , she was like : " God ask you to stop putting make up and just bare face is enough ! "

But that wouldn't work because my job requires me to be in thick make up !
I mean cosplay and make up go hand in hand right . (plus all the late night crafting / sewing that I couldn't avoid. )

I uploaded this picture on my Instagram / Twitter and some commented the change in skintone. Honestly , I can't comment if I become fairer because I'm already quite fair to begin with. However you can clearly see that my skin became more radiant right ?

Before the Collagen Challenge I think that I look like a tired housewife that has done to much housework and patiently wait for her husband to return home lol.  The collagen definitely made my skin texture better , reduced my laughter lines and I don't look that tired anymore.


Of course this collagen isn't a magic potion.
Upon returning from Fukuoka , besides drinking collagen : I resumed going to gym about 4 times a week , I still sleep late about 1am but I wake up 7am every morning. Diet wise nothing much changed ,I just avoid eating after 8pm.

I think drinking collagen made me feel better about myself. Usually I look pale , especially my lips ! After drinking collagen daily ,my cheeks are much rosier . Generally , I just feel more confident going out without make up now.

This is written based on my own observation , so I'm not sure if it will work the same for other people. My bro who tried collagen before told me that it doesn't work for her. I guess it's really up to each individual. I don't think that collagen will magically make someone younger , some effort is still needed . After all ,supplements are just to aid you right ?


I think it's good to drink this when you have an important event upcoming. Like a wedding or something and you want to look better. ( in a short time ) It would be difficult to maintain having this though because it's a little pricey to me.

I shall continue for a month and I'll update again soon.
Hope that this review helps !

With Love,