Thursday, February 4, 2016



Hello Everyone !

I think I should get a laptop soon. I am so lazy to touch my desktop that I haven't been updating my blog for a month ! If I have a laptop probably I'll be motivated to update more often. Just a thought .............

Anyways ! So what have I been up too lately ~~~ let's see ! I started my 2016 being really sick. I was bed-ridden for a week or two , but with God's blessing I was able to recover before my first cosplay event of the year , " Surabaya Japanese Festival ". This time I went to Surabaya with my beloved Princess Hermes again. Thank you Surabaya Japanese Festival Organizers for flying my princess along with me. It's always nice having her around with me ! She is my little mental support !












I've been to Surabaya three times so far , since 2014 ! You know , I always love going back to Indonesia because it feels like a second home to me. Everyone is really nice and always welcoming. Deep inside I feel very touched , thank you for your time , love and support ! I really enjoy meeting all of you.

Like I mentioned earlier , I started my 2016 feeling sick and all. I wouldn't lie but I did feel a little depressed because my illness left me quite a lot of scars on my body. But attending this event made me feel energized again , and I found my motivation again. I want to make people smile , and to do so , I must smile too.










Looking back at all the event photos taken by my little princess , I could see that I'm really smiling happily. It's because you all made me smile. I always think that positive energy is contagious , when the person is feeling happy when they see you , naturally you will smile and be happy in return too.

In another words , thank you all for making me happy. Thank you for all the great memories here in Surabaya. I'm really glad that Hermes could be here with me , experiencing everything with me and feeling all your love as well !

Thank you Surabaya !






I made new costumes this month too ! Initially I wanted to complete these two costumes for Fancy Frontier in Taiwan but I wasn't sure about the cold weather so I changed my plans ! This is Ranko's Rosenburg Engel version and her Wonderful Magic version. I love Ranko's design a lot , maybe because her costumes are much more interesting and it's gothic lolita style. Just my cup of tea !

I will be making three costumes for Ranko ! I'm not sure if I'll look good in twintails but oh well , let's make it work !!! I'm really inspired by the fabric I bought for Ranko's costume. It's a beautiful purple with black lace. I start to love purple color , it's a sexy and mysterious color for me.


My first time making wings !
Not my best work , but I feel good making wings for the very first time. I made it with soft wire and craft foam with feathers. I'm not really good in making props but I like to try sometimes. I'm still figuring out how to wear this costume , I'll get it ready for a photoshoot soon. Meanwhile I have to work on costumes from my upcoming Germany and Vietnam Event. Feeling excited because I'll be meeting some old friends ~ excited to be guesting in event together again !!



Soo Weai , Kenneth , Hermes and I visited the Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia Exhibition ! Everyone knows that Soo Weai is a big fan of Hello Kitty , so we as supportive friends went to the exhibition with her. We can see that she is really happy , and that's what we need ~~ seeing our friend happy.

I wasn't expecting much from the exhibition because usually it wasn't that interesting but oh my ! We had lots of fun taking silly photos hahahahahahahaha !! We laughed a lot and I think having fun is important that's all.










I think it helps a lot that we went during a weekday night !
There wasn't much people so we could be as silly as much as we want and not worry about judging eyes !! It's quite a beautiful exhibition , it's open till 14th February so you can pay a visit if you haven't ! It's really cute that any girl would enjoy being there !




Had my regular movie outing with my beloved Hermes !
She's my movie buddy and my best girl , I wonder what would I do without her. Feeling a little sentimental here because she'll be leaving to Japan for studies soon and won't be back for quite sometime. I'll miss her lots. It's only her that would listen to all my nonsense stories and silly jokes. I love her so much.



We watched " No Longer Heroine " or also known as " Heroine Shikakku ". It's a live action movie adapted from a manga. Hermes knows all these movies adaption because she reads a lot of manga ! This movie is really good. I'm so in love with Hiromitsu kun.

This movie is about a girl who loves her childhood friend but the childhood friend ended up with another girl. Throughout the movie , she was really funny ! Her acting is so good and I can't stop laughing. Hiromitsu kun is another guy who is in love with her. He is such a sweetie , such a tease - my type !! Though they didn't end up together , I wished they did. They would make such a great couple together woohoo.



Then , I went to Taiwan alone !

It's my first time visiting Taiwan. I've always wanted to go to Taiwan and finally I have the opportunity to ~~~~ one of my goals this year is to visit new places and meet more people. So I got myself a ticket to Taiwan for a short holiday and to attend Fancy Frontier 27 !!

I think I over-packed hahahahaha !! I asked my friends if it is cold in Taiwan and they told me that it's really cold and it was snowing days before so I packed like I'm going to Japan last winter. But ..... the weather wasn't that cold. I could go out in short skirt so no problem for me !








Taipei is a wonderful place for me.
I like it a lot here , but I probably will spent a lot if I'm a Taiwanese !
Great food , fashionable shopping and best of all anime / manga / games merchandise everywhere !! ( I had a hard time controlling myself but I'm proud that I managed to tell myself not to anyhow spend money hahaha )

I bought a lot of magazines and books though. It's much cheaper here compared to in Malaysia ! I think because Taiwan is nearer to Japan , so the Japanese magazines here are really affordable. ( not weight friendly though )




Thank you KAFA for bringing me around during my stay in Taiwan ! Or else I would be really lost. I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese but I couldn't read or write. Most people speak mandarin here but when it's too fast or too deep , I couldn't really catch the meaning hehe. 



Met Ely in ANIMATE Taipei ! She was promoting a new novel launch so I went there to see her. She is a sweet and gorgeous as ever ! I'm very in love with her cosplay and her photobooks. ( I collected most of it hehehe / SHY )





Day 3 in Taiwan for me is all about street food and fabric shopping !
It was raining almost everyday , and it gets colder when it rains. I was smart today because I wore a waterproof jacket and my bag is waterproof as well so no problem !

Ah ~ what I can say about fabric and material shopping in Taipei is : Amazing ! If I am a cosplayer staying in Taiwan , I won't be having much problems with making costumes because there are so many different types of fabric around ! Not having certain fabric won't be a problem anymore.




I had lots of street food !
It's almost Chinese New Year so the whole street is filled with CNY tidbits.
I tried the infamous Smelly Tofu , Taiwanese Sausage and the looooooong ice cream !
Of course I didn't eat everything myself , I have KAFA eating the other half for me so I'm not fat !!!

Taiwanese Street Food are really good.
How does Taiwanese people stay so slim with all the good food ? Someone please tell me !!
I need to know your secret !









It's also my first time attending cosplay event in Taiwan. 
I must say that it's a really different experience compared to the ones in Malaysia !
Their event starts at about 11 am and ends at 4pm. That's really surprising for me because events in Malaysia usually ends at 7pm. I was like " Wow really ? 4pm ! That's so early ! "

It was really awkward for me on the first day because I don't know much people. But everyone is so friendly and dropping by to say " Hi " to me made me feel very welcomed ! All the cosplayers here have beautiful smiles !





Today I get to meet more cosplayers that I've been following on Twiiter / Instagram and such a pleasure being able to meet them in real life. They look even prettier in person. They are really sweet and friendly too. 

Even a few that we don't know each other but we said " Hi" to each other and naturally we became friends. It's wonderful how cosplayers from different countries gather and get to know each other through an event. Event brings us together. Today I come back home knowing more Taiwanese and Japanese cosplayers. I have much to learn from them.



Thank you KAFA for guiding me about Taiwanese Events !
He is a super funny guy , and extremely motivating to me.
My first time riding a bike experience is given to him too lol !! Riding a bike during winter in Taiwan is so cool ! I've never been on a bike before and the helmet crushes my hairstyle but it's okay. It was a great experience , I felt so adventurous. ( which is my new year resolution : Trying new things. )



Thank you Kosmo , Mr International Helper.
He was with me , helping out at the booth and walking around the event area with me.
If you need a helper , please contact him. He is truly the best in helping out !!!




Last day in Taiwan !
I forget about diet and all for today.
KAFA and Ely brought me for dessert buffet ~ it was a great cafe , their best seller actually sold out in the morning...... but the other cakes are still absolutely delicious. I had like four pieces of cakes ? I love dessert a lot.



Went to pray at the temple and asked for blessings in my life.
Thank God for everything I have in my life now too.
I asked God a question and I got a good fortune reading in return.

Then I went to a fortune teller to get my fortune read too !
She told me that my face will bring people happiness when they see me , that my life will be a good one and people will love me. It all sounds so good , I wanted it to be true too.

I will try my best , to be a better person. 
That is worthy of good things.



Thank you KAFA and Ely for coming all the way to the airport to see me off !
It has been a great holiday for me here in Taiwan , thanks for taking time to show me around despite being busy with work.

I will come back to Taiwan again because I love being here very much.
Thanks for the great hospitality !! I love you both !!



First thing I did when I got back to KL is to get a new phone casing.
I kept dropping my phone and Iphone 6S dents and cracks so easily that I couldn't live another day without getting a hard casing to protect my precious phone. ;-;

Got the baby pink one. The color schemes aren't really the best but I like pink , it's my favorite color ! My phone feels much safer now. I should have gotten this at the beginning when I first bought my phone sigh.  I stood at the store for an hour just deciding on color and style. I guess Geminis are really indecisive.



Had dinner with Andy before his flight back to Canada.
We are friends since AFA ID 2013 , I guess it's really destiny when it comes to meeting friends.
He is a Canadian that happen to be in Indonesia at that time and we met.
Now he travels to South East Asia once a year to meet up with Angie and I.

Safe travels Andy !


I always believe that happy thoughts brings more happiness.
Sometimes I might feel a little negative but I'm grateful for having close friends that believes in me and motivates me always. I had a happy start for this year , may I have more happiness from now on. 

I'm feeling exceptionally happy tonight.
Many good things happen to me and I can't help feeling blessed.
I wish the same for all of you too , always find that reason to be happy even if it's really small , more big things will come ! Believe !

With Love,