Sunday, April 17, 2016

White Cat

Photo Apr 14, 10 05 44 PM

How's everyone lately ?

I've been really busy these few months , that when I have time to rest - I just want to do nothing but read a book on my bed haha. Yeah , I picked up a hobby that I used to enjoy as a child a lot , which is reading storybooks / novels.

I visited the airport a lot lately , I flew to Tokyo for two weeks to accompany My Little Princess Hermes who moved to Japan to achieve her dreams to live in Japan. As you all know , she is a very important person to me. She's my best friend and with her moving to Japan for studies , I really miss her a lot. I do all sorts of things with her. We would go out for movies and food outings together. She would listen to me if I had a bad day and she would never ever judge me. That's why I treasure her a lot. 

Our two week trip in Tokyo was amazing. I will blog about it soon I promise.
( Now that I have a laptop , blogging would be much easier and convenient ! )

Right after Tokyo , I flew to Munich Germany for my very first European Event. This would be another story for another day. All I can say now is that.... it's such an eye-opening experience for me. You guys know how much I love travelling and being able to do this plus cosplaying ? It's simply amazing.

Photo Apr 14, 10 07 19 PM

Back to the photos ~ this is a casual photoshoot that I did with my bro , Soo Weai. You always see her in my photos and sometimes we do cosplay together. She is also my photographer KennTee's girlfriend. KennTee is now busy with his new job , so she would take photos for me now onwards !

When I first met her , she was a photography enthusiast taking photos of cosplayers during events. She is very passionate and now I'm happy being able to work with her. If you wonder why I call my friends bro , it's because they are like family to me. No sis , because bro sounds better to me hahaha !!

Photo Apr 14, 10 05 26 PM

Photo Apr 14, 10 07 00 PM

Photo Apr 14, 10 06 45 PM

I like these photos a lot.
Mainly because Soo Weai takes photos of me from every angle. I have a side of my face that I like and feels more comfortable being photographed. While Soo Weai just tries her best , though she is a little scared of me lol. All the shots turned out great and I can't thank her enough.

Photo Apr 14, 10 06 36 PM

Photo Apr 14, 10 07 12 PM

All these photos are taken in my new home.
Yes , I've shifted to a new place lately and I'm loving my new place.
It's quiet and cozy , perfect for a homely person like me !

It's a beautiful place to be photographed too. My house is blessed with abundance of natural sunlight during the day and taking photos here makes the photos look really good.

Photo Apr 14, 10 07 31 PM

Photo Apr 14, 10 07 25 PM

I'm really shy when it comes to working with new photographers.
I'm just glad that Soo Weai made me feel comfortable just like how when I work with KennTee. She'll be going to Japan for holiday with her family though. Which means I'll have my next weekend off.

April is the month where I'm taking a short break from events. I have three upcoming events in May. I will be flying to PekanBaru first , then Penang and Jakarta. Looking forward to meet everyone again soon ! ( meanwhile I need to work hard on my costumes , I've been on holiday mood for too long ! )

Photo Apr 14, 10 07 06 PM

My next blog post would probably be about my adventures in Japan with My Princess Hermes. Together our days are always filled with nonsense stories. Sigh , why does she need to be so far away from me ? I hope to see her soon but for now I need to work harder so that I could visit her in Japan more often !

I would really love to go skiing with her during winter season in Hokkaido. 
I will definitely end up rolling down the ice mountain because I'm bad in any type of sports.
Wouldn't hurt to try right ? hehe.

Till next time !

With Love,