Thursday, April 2, 2015

[ EVENT ] Honda Beat Launch PekanBaru x JCE KamenReon Cosplay Event


Hello guys ! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

How are you ? With a blink of an eye , it's already April ! 
I have a month of break before my next event which is Ozine Fest 2015 in the Philippines .I'll be preparing some new costumes meanhwile because I will be quite busy in May and June. Here's my updated schedule of events :

24, 25 , 26 April | Ozine Fest , Philippines
30 April , 1, 2 , 3 May | Anime Festival Asia Thailand
9 , 10 May | Akibahara Days Pekanbaru , Indonesia
23 , 24 May | Penang Anime Matsuri , Malaysia
12 , 13 , 14 June | Funan Anime Matsuri , Singapore

To be honest my schedule kinda scares me because I will be away almost every weekend but I'm so excited to travel and cosplay at the same time ! So I do hope to see you guys  no matter which event , I'm looking forward ! 

( I think I will visit my fav Texas Chicken in the airport since I'll be going there almost every week in May. I'll be fat but oh well. )


Today I will be blogging about my trip to PekanBaru for a cosplay event on Valentines Day ! It's a Honda event where they were launching a new motorcycle , so they were hosting a cosplay competition as well over the weekend ! 

It was a very fun event , in a different way too because I get to be reunited with my two lovely girls from Indonesia , Pinky LuXun and Punipun ! It's been awhile since we met each other and I just feel so happy and blessed when there are events that brings us together.

Have a picture of me and my luggages . These babies have been following me  since 2012 ? The black one is where I store my costumes and the pink one is for my daily clothes , make up and toiletries. This way I feel that it's more organized and I won't forget anything !


A selfie of me and a t-shirt drawn by my super talented friend , Magion02. Seriously this Ahri t-shirt is so pretty ! Someone needs to convince him to start  selling his beautiful artwork as printed tees soon ! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

In case you would like to stalk his gorgeous artworks , visit him at :

Reminder : Beyond this line will be lots of photos of myself. Please be warned lol.


Flight to PekanBaru only takes 1 hour ! 

It's nearer to Malaysia compared to Jakarta or Bali ~ I slept all the way during my flight and I think that I drooled a little too because I was kinda tired hehe.


Went to Pizza Hut for brunch when I touched down PekanBaru ! Pizza Hut in Indonesia is so different compared to Malaysia ~ they have rice and noodles in the menu . They have more variety in their menu too.

Everything looks so yummy lol



I had Beef Lasagna !

A fact about me : I like western food a lot especially food with beef and cheese. Super love !



Look at the amount of CHEESE and CAPSICUM !
Super yums !!


Here's my sweetheart Punipun and Pinky !

They arrived PekanBaru later than me , so we only get to meet up during dinner with the organizers and friends !


( Hi Danniel lol )




We had Japanese Food for dinner .

I can't recall the name of the restaurant but they have super yummy sushi rolls ! This one is super crunchy and crispy. Just can't stop eating it !




This my friend . . . IS THE BEST LAVA BUN EVER !!

It was super yummy that the organizer bought another box of buns for us the very next day. They have chicken , beef  and even durian filled buns ! My fav was the classic lava bun ~ it's custard with egg yolk , just melting in my mouth ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I wanna eat this if I'm going to PekanBaru again !



Event Day 1

Pinky , Puni and I decided on Sword Art Online cosplay for the first day ! I brought my Halloween ver. Asuna again with Pinky as Strea and Punipun as Sinon !


I teased her about her eyebrows , I said that she looked like a " angry loli " lol  ! Punipun has such a cute round face and with such angry , fierce brows , she is still so cute !!

* pinches *


Pinky , as gorgeous as ever as Strea !

Do you all know that Pinky is my cosplay inspiration ? She has very good craftsmanship and a great personality , I adore her very much !



Puni why so fierce ah ?

* pokes pokes *




Before our Meet and Greet , we had a short coffee break at J.Co !
All I want during a hot ,  sunny day is my Iced Mocha !


... and Glazed Donuts !!





Look at the beautiful stage !!



Punipun who is a very talented in various musical instruments ~ performing some of her Anisong Covers ! Though she told me that she didn't do well on stage , but I really admire her talents in music , I can't even play a flute lol ! #honesty



Awesome Wotagei Team performing their routine !
Super amazed with their stamina twisting and flinging the light stick around . Such an energetic performance !



For the first day , we judged the CosStreet and Singles Cosplay Competition ! There were many remarkable costumes and great performances ! 

It's my first time judging outdoor and at night too. 



When we have time to rest and what do we do ?


Like seriously , I have many photos , mostly selfies during this trip because Pinky and Puni contributed a lot of pictures too lol.






I don't know.

Don't judge me lol.


One of the highlights of the event !

The reptile lovers club of PekanBaru had a booth so visitors get to touch and take pictures with all the snakes . It was an interesting experience for me because I never hold a real life snake before , not in my arms . Poke maybe yes , but not carrying a whole snake by myself lol.


I think that this snake likes me.

( because he/she was cooperating well with my photo taking attempt )



Had a group picture with the cosplayers and cosplay singles contestant ! So many talented individuals that it's difficult to pick a winner. Congratulations and much love for all the winners !



Since it's Valentines Day , when I got back to my hotel room , there was a bouquet of Rilakkuma and flowers waiting for me at my door !

To whoever who got me this , thank you for your sweet gesture !



But I can't help thinking how many Rilakkumas are harmed while making this bouquet lol



Event Day 2

Day 2 is all about LoveLive for us ! Since all three of us are big fans of LoveLive , we decided to cosplay LL together on Sunday ! I was thinking of bringing Eli , Nozomi or Kotori at first ~ I wasn't very confident of my Kotori cosplay because I'm too tall but oh well , I decided to give her a try in events ! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*




With Punipun as Hanayo and Pinky LuXun as Maki !

I am really glad in getting Pinky into the LoveLive " dark hole " , where you can get in and never get out ! We have more plans for LoveLive in the future !

( ˘ ³˘)❤


Not sure what this is but Punipun is super cute here.

* pokes *


Had Lasagna ( again ) for brunch before the event ! This time we visited Exelso , it's like Starbucks /. Coffee Bean in Indonesia because I see this outlet like everywhere lol.

They have nice coffee !


On Day 2 , our main activity is to judge the Group Cosplay Competition ! One of the activities that I look forward the most during cosplay events in Indonesia because Indonesian cosplayers are really good in skits and action stunts !



A heart warming Sailormoon skit ! That Usagi x Mamoru moment ~ makes me feel like cosplaying my childhood anime / manga. Maybe one day !






Lots of selfies from us ( again ) !

(Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)


Kotori x Hanayo.

Puni's Hanayo cosplays are super cutey.
I wanna bring her home ;-;


Kotori x Maki

Pinky makes a gorgeous Maki and Umi too !
Can't wait to see more LoveLive costumes from her because her costume skills are godlike !

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )


You can see how much I like the snake booth.
Because I returned the second day and challenged myself to an even bigger snake. I'm not sure what breed it is but when I was holding it , I can't stop replaying " My Anacondan don't , My Anaconda don't don't don't , " in my head lol

I'm not scared of this snake but to be honest this snake is super heavy. 
( and he tried to escape :(  )


A photo with the winner of the Singles Cosplay Competition !
Look at how pretty and detailed his costume is ~ I think it's his original design and it's so creative !


With the Akibahara Team that I will be meeting soon this coming May !
Nice to meet you guys again .




With the JCE KamenReon Team !
Thanks for all the lasagna , donuts and coffee ! hehe Just Kidding !
Thank you so much for having me in your event along with Pinky and Puni ~ I had lots of fun here !!




With all the cosplayers and competition participants ! Thanks for braving the heat and sun , delivering awesome skits/ performances for us ! I appreciate all your efforts very much !

Good Job guys !!

。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚ °・











Thank you all for sending me all the photos that we had together too. It's one of my post-event hobby , collecting all the photos and selfies so I can post up on my page ! Looking back at your pictures and seeing all the big smiles makes me happy ! I hope that you guys had fun during this event too !





Birdie me !!  (。・//ε//・。)

What I enjoy the most about this event is that I get to spend time with Punipun and Pinky , and of course since our schedule is quite lenient we get to take lots of pictures , interacting with the event go-ers and all of you too . Hope that you enjoy the time with us !

( and photo with my snakes hehe )


Thank you PekanBaru for having us !
Special thanks to Honda and JCE KamenReon for inviting us to this great event !
We enjoyed ourselves here very much !!



It's sad , but it's time to go back to Malaysia again.

( but we will be reunited again soon !! )



Something that you will see me do everytime I travel for events.

Snap a picture to say " Hi _____ I'm coming ! "

Another picture when I landed safely , " I just touched down wohhoooo ! "


Thank you all for the lovely gifts !

Someone made me a " Little Fatty " too. How adorable !




My next blog post will most probably be about my Bali Trip !
I have lesser photos of myself but more of beautiful Bali I promise you that !


With Love ,