Friday, March 27, 2015

My Braces Journey | 4th Month


Been wanting to blog about my teeth and braces journey for awhile now but I was shy to show you my before and after photos lol. Since I'm taking a short break from cosplay and costume making , I am suddenly filled with inspiration to blog more. ( so do enjoy this while it last lol ! )

My teeth has always been crooked with a super big protruding " tiger teeth " on my right side of my upper teeth. But I wasn't really bothered about it till one day I was too free I guess ? I snap photos of my teeth and I was SHOCKED. ( ≧Д≦)


This was August 2014.

I always knew that my teeth is crooked but I didn't know that it was THAT bad. As you can see my upper and lower teeth were really crooked . Not really sure how to describe this but it's as if my teeth are dancing tango , front and back lol. 

So , I went for consultation with my orthodontist in PJ. She looked at my teeth and told me it's called overcrowding meaning I have too many tooth . Maybe due to my baby tooth drop too fast when I was younger that's why my teeth don't have enough space to grow properly.

To start my braces , I need to extract 4 teeth in total. ( BIG GASP ) It was kinda shocking to me because my teeth are quite healthy * self praise * and I never extract any teeth since 7 years old ! I'm extremely afraid of dentist / needles / pain and etc.

Guess what ? Since it's hard to get a booking at my orthodontist , she suggested that I extract two teeth on the spot and another two next week so I can start my braces faster lol.

And ..... I extracted two on that day itself. I was like , " NOOOOOOO WHY DID I SAY YES AHHH OHHHHHH . " My first teeth extraction after so many years was traumatizing. Since my tiger tooth is blocking the tooth they wanna extract , half my root is actually broken inside. ( till now it's still embedded inside my gums ) It was really painful because they spent like an hour trying to get it out and all I can hear is digging and drilling .

After I got home , I was wondering why did I even do this. It was so painful that I had to go for painkillers for a week and I woke up midnight due to insane amount of pain lol. I almost didn't wanna go for the second extraction. I told my close friends that I wanna change my mind ! * laughs * They were like , " How bout the gap in your teeth ?? ". I said , " It's ok , I can live with it ". (゚´Д`゚)゚


Fast forward one month , my dear photographer and friend Kenneth actually went ahead and gotten his braces earlier than me lol. He was kinda laughing at me and asking when am I going for the second extraction or else my empty gap will close orz. I was still hesistant back then because I'm afraid of how I will look after I wear braces.

I spent nights doing research about braces and reading other people's blog about their braces journey. Some have even worse teeth than mine and their got straight pretty quick ! To be honest I'm also scared that I won't be able to attend events anymore because I'm not really confident about how I will look with braces. I'm scared that I won't look the same anymore.

But after much encouragement from my friends , especially Soo Weai who had braces for two years ( she have super nice teeth now ) I went for the second extraction and this time it was quick and painless ! Just 5 mins and it's done wheeeeee ! ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙♡


November 2014

I got my braces done before AFA Singapore 2014. At first I wanted to wait till AFASG is over ( was still worried how I will look in cosplay + braces lol ) With the extra push from my friends , I just go ahead and get it done for good lol. (*´▽`*)

My first reaction when I took photos of my teeth was , " Aiyer , so ugly one how arr ?? " My teeth were super crooked so the metal brackets were in and out so it looks kinda ugly to me. I was super self conscious too like when I go out I feel like people is looking at my teeth and judging me lol.

I even opt for clear bands because I thought it would be less obvious that I had braces on. ( looking back now I think clear bands made it pop even more )

I attended AFASG with braces for the very first time . I was really nervous to be honest . But to my surprise , 50 % of the people I met were wearing braces too. I still feel kinda awkward with my braces that I smile with my lips closed lol. I'm actually very happy during the event but I was self conscious with my braces so I think people get confused like I'm tired or something lol. \(@;◇;@)/


January 2015

I used to look at the mirror everyday when I just gotten my braces . Feels like my teeth are not moving and I get disappointed. Slowly , I learnt to stop looking at the mirror and soon my braces became part of my life. 

By January 2015 , which was my second month with braces you can see that my teeth position have changed dramatically lol.  My protruding tiger teeth came down already and my lower teeth were all pretty straight eehhh ? 

I was surprised at how quick my progress was ! I mean it's just two months and my teeth were pretty straight already. ( THANK YOU MY ORTHODONTIST !!! )


February 2015

I went for my 3rd braces tightening session and this time I changed into pink bands for Valentines ! By then , I was quite comfortable with my braces already and even showing it off smiles in event !

Before having my braces , I was also concerned about FOOD. I like to eat yummy food and with braces I would gave to give up a lot of things. I'm not sure if it's a curse or blessing , I have no problems with any kind of food lol. ( means no diet for me since I have no problem with chewing eeeeee ) ((●´∧`●))


March 2015

By March , there isn't much difference with February but my orthodontist told me that my progress is good ! She even changed a thicker wire for my lower teeth but my upper teeth needs more time she said.

Braces is like one of my best decision in life ever lol ! Makes me feel silly thinking about all the hesitation and doubts I had last year. Imagine that back then I rather have 4 gaps in my mouth then to finish up my braces ! 




I have no problems with monthly braces adjustments so far. It will be a little tight and little pain but other than that it's no big deal ! In fact I'm enjoying the pain because it feels like the wire is doing something ! ( or my Orthodontist is being gentle with me ? I don't know hehe )

The monthly braces tightening session only takes 5 minutes ! I'm still not very adventurous with the band colours though ~ now I'm in love with pink ! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)


Before and After Braces , 4th Month with Braces.

My orthodontist tells me that my braces will take about 1.5 years and maybe another year for retainer. 1.5 years seems to be short compared to other people who needs to wear it for 3 years hmmm. So I guess I'm quite lucky ? I'm looking forward to meeting my orthodontist every month and also the day I can remove my braces ! Can't wait to see my smile when it's done ! (〃・ω・〃)


November 2014

This was my first photoshoot with Kenneth from KennTee Photography after I got my braces ! I think from this photoshoot , only 1 or 2 photos can be used lol. I was super awkward and sad that I lost my duck smile that I spent years perfecting it.... ( maybe not lol )

Back then I was complaining to Kenneth , " Bro how laaaaa ? How to meet people like this ? " * sigh *


February 2015

This is my Da Qiao from Dynasty Warriors 8 photoshoot in February ! By Feb , I started to be more confident with my smile now. I don't mind that my braces are showing too. Kenneth keeps the braces there for me and not photoshop it away . I like it and loving my braces hehe ! ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ)


Before I got my braces , many people asking me why and telling me that my tiger tooth is cute. Well , my tiger tooth maybe cute ? But man ... you guys should really see how my teeth look like before braces. I think it looks like predator and alien-ish and maybe like a crocodile I don't know haha !

So , yeah ! This is the story of my braces journey so far ~ it's only the 4th month and there are months more to go but I'm feeling great ! Was hesitating lots before this , hands down the best decision ever made !

Shall update more in the future if there is any more changes to my teeth. Stay tuned !