Thursday, December 19, 2013

[ COSPLAY ] Celestia Ludenberg | Dangan Ronpa


Hello Everyone !

It has been awhile since I last blogged. November was a hectic month for me , making my costumes for AFA Singapore and also working hard on my assignments. Once again , I survived my second last semester in college and I do hope that I did well. Can't wait to see my results when college re-opens ! Meanwhile , I'm having my internship till March. Right after my assessment in college , rest for 3 days and I dived straight into internship. A crazy choice made lol. On the bright side , I'm graduating next year August ! I am so happy !  ( * V * )

Did you realize that I only blog usually after my assessment or during semester break. I'm feeling a little guilty about this but with my internship , ( means no crazy assignment rushing at night ) I hope that I am able to blog regularly. In real life , I am super talkative oh lolol. 


Here's my first collaboration with SKYCOSTUME , a website offering a great variety of cosplay costume ranging from movie/games costumes to anime / manga as well. I usually make my own costumes so I didn't know what to expect , but oh my , I must say that it was beyond my expectation !

The staff of SKYCOSTUME is super efficient and dropping me emails to update me about the costume progress and all. They are friendly and helpful too. 

As for the costume , I must say that it is quite accurate to the original design . It's comfortable to wear and also custom made to my size. Not only that , this costume also arrived in two weeks at my door step ! The shipping is fast considering it was custom made. ( ^ __ ^ ) I am very happy with their service. * two thumbs up *



Ying Tze as Celestia Ludenberg


Photo By | KennTee Photography







This photoshoot is shot entirely in my house ! Thanks to Kenneth and Soo Weai for making this happen. It almost look like it was shot in a studio lol. I've received compliments about my make-up for this photoshoot ~ thanks guys ! I tried a different make-up style for this character because I wanted to recreate her cunning look. 

Lastly , much love for SKYCOSTUME for this wonderful opportunity. Do visit their website for more information !

Hope that you enjoyed this post !

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