Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cosplay | 7th Heaven Dragon 2020 Hatsune Miku


7th Heaven Dragon 2020 | Project Diva 2ND


Ying Tze as Hatsune Miku [ TYPE 2020 ]


Ying Tze


Kenneth Tee @ KennTee Photography

Hello !

My 3rd cosplay cosplay photoshoot for April ~ Finally I managed to debut my Hatsune Miku [ TYPE 2020 ] costume. This was my cosplay plan since last year May ? Been delaying lots of plans due to my heavy assignments. ( ;_____ ; ) With better time management ~ I hope I will be able to balance my hobby and my studies because I really love them both. 

This is my first time planning a cosplay photoshoot ! Most of the time I was too tired after making costumes that I don't have time to search for inspiration and ideas for my photos. It makes so much difference with proper planning beforehand. No more same right angle face , I promise LOL. Overall I'm really happy with this set , my photographer , Kenneth Tee did a good job. ^^

College starting next week ! Fret not , I already have photoshoots planned for next month ~ May will be a fruitful month ! * excited max *

With Love ,