Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ten 2013 Resolutions !


( My Musketeers are watching you lol )

Harro !!

After a month loooooong sem break ~ finally semester 5 starts next week ! Gosh , I've been so lazy worming at home the whole time but hardworking as well * cough cough * because I finished 3 seasons of Fringe and Vampire Diaries !! ( pats my own shoulder LOL )

Got my schedule for this semester already! I'll be having 5 days of classes per week * super black face * and three subjects which is Moral Studies , Fashion Rendering and History of Fashion Design ! I took Moral Studies before so I hope that I can get exempted from it since that's 2 days of classes per week.. Don't wanna waste my time on it ! :( I'm pretty excited for History of FD though !!  ♥ ♥ 

Talking bout new year resolutions ! I think I didn't make any last year because I know I can't keep it. * sigh * I'm not getting any younger now , okay maybe I'm still quite young but there are people way younger than me and achieved more in life. So I would like to make this year a more productive one ! 

My 2013 Resolutions :

#1 Get Fit.
Like seriously ~ I'm not that fat and my friends will punch my face if I say I'm fat .. but I'm definitely not FIT. I always wanted a toned body but never make an effort to exercise. So this year I'm so gonna hit the gym with Miss Hermes. We made a promise to each other , who gives up first will have to treat the person for movies the entire 2013 LOL. I don't wanna lose that bet !!

#2 Live a Healthier Life.
Do you know that I sleep at 3-4 am everyday ? And wake up at 12 pm ! I feel so lethargic and feel like taking naps all the time... I should sleep early and wake up early. Plus drink lots of water and cut down on carbs !!

#3 Spend more time with my Cat Family.
I have six cats now and sometimes I feel bad because I don't spend enough quality time with them. Will play more with them , give more treats and cuddles ! ♥ ♥ 

#4 Save more MONEY !
This , my friend , is extremely difficult because I like to shop ! ( ; _____ ; ) But I shall do some force savings this year so that I can do more travelling this year ! Really wanted to visit Japan but I'm pretty sure that I'll need to save up a lot for Rilakkuma and Kawaii Japanese stuff . AND SUSHI #truestory

#5 Put more Effort in my Cosplay Costumes.
I would like to spend more time in making a costume rather than just rushing it. Last time I used to rush 5 costumes in a month gosh ! I prefer quality over quantity now ~ hope I can produce some nice costumes this year ! ( * v * )

#6 Do well in my studies.
It's my second year in college !! Last year wasn't too shabby ~ as the course gets tougher , I hope that I will be able to maintain my grades or do better ! * fingers crossed * Go ! Go ! Go !

#7 Learn a new foreign language !
FYI , I bought self-learning Japanese books but as usual it's collecting dust. I only managed to learn 30 Hiragana characters so far ~ slow progress but I'll try my best ! Wanna learn Korean too but it looks complicated ...  perhaps one day !

#8 Pick up a New Hobby ?
Besides cosplay , I would love to learn how to make those really cute handicraft that you can see from the Kinokuniya Japanese Books section ? I think it's call the felt wool handicraft ? I would to try making miniatures or cat's clothing too ! ( > w < )

#9 Update my Blog more often.
I will really make it a point to update more. I have a camera that I haven't been using much. Poor camera ! LOL !! Busy or not , I will update regularly !

#10 See Snow on Christmas Day !
Okay , this is for the LOL and also to complete my 10 Resolutions for this year !! ( not nice la if only have 9 ) Anyways , okay since the world didn't end last year , I would love to have a White Christmas this year!! Wanna see REAL Christmas Trees ! 

That's my 10 Resolutions for 2013 ! I think I can easily achieve 1/2 of that ? I don't know , it's good to feel positive !! ( > ____ < ) What are your resolutions for this year ? Do share with me !

With Love ,

Cheryl  ♥ 

p/s : Is there anything that you would like me to blog more about ? Do tell !