Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012


Hello !

How's your holiday so far ? Mine was kinda relaxed , spending most of my time resting at home , hanging out with my lovelies and quiet time with my cat family ! College is starting in a week time ! Gosh , and I haven't get started on my assignment yet LOL . * lazy me hehe * 2012 was a super awesome year for me to be honest. I haven't felt so happy for a long time. It's the BEST year for me so far ! Although I'm pretty positive that year 2013 will be even better ! 

Here are some of the highlights of  my awesome year 2012 :

January -  Did a cosplay photoshoot of my favorite anime series " Guilty Crown" ! I cosplayed as Shu with my lovely Angie as Inori. Plus I also made a Facebook Page for my cosplay ! ( * v * )

March - Visited Bangkok for the first time and went crazy on shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market !  Guess what ? I also saw Big Bang's Fantastic Baby on MTV in the hotel and I'm a big fan since !!

April - Finally cosplayed Lucy Heartfilia !! Really love the photos from the photoshoot ~ one of my fav cosplay of the year ! ( > w < ) Became the Panty Gender Bender ver. with hot Kazeki as my Panty  , Kemu and Angie as my cute Stocking siblings !

Plus , Scrawney also gave birth to Stumpy , Orange and Trumpet !! 

May - I became one of the MMK girls with Angie ! I was really excited being chosen this time because I tried last year but didn't get it. Lucky !! ( ^ ____ ^ ) ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Dyed my hair for the first time !

June - Participated in AFA Malaysia 2012 !! Met Sir Jim , Jasmine and Geraldine, my lovely MMK girls and AR bros ! Had an awesome time during AFA MY and I get to meet TASHA and MIYUKO !!! * tears of joy *

July - First time visiting Indonesia for AFA ID 2012 press conference !! Met my darling Momo who is the new MMK girl from Indonesia !! Love her ! 

August - Went to Singapore again for photoshoot ! Visited the Singapore Zoo too with Sir Jim and Geraldine being my tour guide hehe. 

Cosplayed Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica ~ first time making weapon for cosplay !

Became a sweater addict lol.

September - Visited Indonesia again for AFA ID 2012 ! I enjoyed AFA ID very much ~ everyone was really warm and friendly there ! I had a really good time ! :-)

Met my cosplay idol , Tsukasa and Judy too !! * whoa excited max *


November - It's time for AFA SG ! Forgot my bag in the cab and the cab driver returned my bag to me !! Super lucky and grateful !! Another awesome AFA and pretty sad also because I won't be seeing my girls much until next year. :-/

I finally let go of my long hair and cut it short LOL. 

Scrawney gave birth to Whitey !!! 

December -  Pierced my ears for the first time with Princess Hermes ! Also celebrated Christmas with my lovelies !! First time exchanging gifts with them too ! * happy *

Why is this year so special for me ?

There were ups and downs but definitely there were more happy things in my life ! * must be The Secret working it's magic * I am grateful that I'm blessed with beautiful cats and kittens. I am happy that I'm surrounded with wonderful people that light up my life. Grateful for all the opportunities given to me. I enjoy my college and I'm in Semester 5 now ! There were many little things that I never thought would have happened but it did. I'm truly blessed . :') Thank you , really !

You might been wondering why I haven't cosplayed for quite some time. Last semester was really harsh on me and I don't really have much time to make costumes... But I will be cosplaying again next week with my lovely group ! I'm really nervous because I haven't been cosplaying since August hehe. Wish me luck !!

Thank you everyone for your lovely support ! I will work harder and bring you more cosplays next year ! Fighting ! * excited max *

To all my lovely readers ,

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! It's 2013 now , and I wish that you will be blessed with good health , good luck and and awesome year ahead !! Love you ! * hugs hugs * ♥ ♥ ♥ 

With Love ,