Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One Month Old Whitey !

Hello everyone !

How's your Christmas Day ? I spent my Christmas Day eating my favorite Menya Musashi Ramen and watched Jackie Chan's latest movie - " CZ12 " !! The movie was so-so only but it was really funny ! Still love it because I grew up watching Jackie Chan's movies. Hope he makes more movies ! ( >__ <)

Anyways ! Whitey is offically one month old now ! * throws confetti *



Whitey has blue eyes ! Thought that he will have brown like the rest of his siblings but it's blue !

I always wanted a white kitten ~ feel super lucky this time ! ( ^ w ^ )



He's really cute. He knows how to play already and starts nibbling my finger LOL.

His nose is a bit dirty. Helped him wipe using cotton but it's still there ~ I don't dare to wipe too hard because he is still so tiny !



His " Please Mummy Please " eyes. OMG . TOO ADORABLE !! * faints *



Fatty at the background lol .



AWW. His poor thing face !  He sticks to me more than his own mother lol. He won't cry also when I pick him up. ( > v < ) Hope that he won't grow up being as naughty as his brother , Orange !

That's all from my cat family for now ~ byes !

With Love ,