Friday, January 25, 2013

Hong Kong Trip | Day One


Hello guys !

I'm back from my short trip to Hong Kong ! I kinda miss Hong Kong's cold weather already ~ it was so cooling and my sweaters were perfect for the weather ! Everyone in Hong Kong were wearing sweater , scarves , coats and leggings/pantyhose. I really enjoy looking at what people wear on the street ~ they were so fashionable ! 

Anyways , this holiday wasn't planned so for me it's more like just exploring and walking around. Sight-seeing , shopping and eating lol ! I kinda regret now that I didn't do much research because I didn't get to shop much ~ #sadface. Plus my hotel was kinda far from all the shopping hotspots .... #supersad

But I do get to visit OCEAN PARK ! Like finally !! Will blog about it soon ! hehe :-)



So here's Day One of my Hong Kong trip !

Woke up super early for my flight ~ it was a 3 hours and 50 minutes flight to Hong Kong ! Gosh ... I usually don't travel that far unless it's a bus ride. Flying with Airasia again this time because it's way cheaper if you book flights + hotel together. That's my tip for you ! But of course the flight won't be so comfortable la .. especially for me because I'm quite tall and not much leg space for me. 

If you want to have a more pleasant experience , I suggest you pay extra RM 30 to pick Hot Seats. Usually people don't wanna pay for it so big chance you get to sit alone plus hot seats have more leg space ! #thumbsup

Then if you plan to shop a lot , please do upgrade your luggage limit ! I got myself a 25 KG luggage allowance just in case ! ( > _____ < )



Had my breakfast at LCCT before my 8 am flight ! It's a Hong Kong style Wantan Mee. I love the wantan but not the noodles. Seems tasteless to me though , or maybe because I was sick. LOL.

Down with flu and cough before my holidays. #truestory



Touched down Hong Kong around 12 pm ? I listened to SNSD's " I got a Boy " like repeatedly during the flight. So it wasn't so bad. I'm just glad that I reached HK because I was super hungry !! All I can think about is FOOD ! :p



My first meal in Hong Kong ! Had Chicken Rice ! Was kinda disappointed with the chicken because I asked for chicken breast but they gave chicken thigh instead , with lots of bones. Overall it's quite yummy ~ I love the rice , veggie and soup ! ( * V * )



My OOTD ! ( ignore my derpy face please LOL )

Sweater and Skirt from H&M , Denim Shirt from Sungei Wang , Hairband from Diva Accessories.

Travelling around Hong Kong is actually quite convenient , if you don't mind walking a bit. Taxi is kinda expensive here ~ so I recommend you to buy a daily MTR train pass. It's more affordable this way ! Got myself a 3-day train pass that comes with a ride to airport !

Train ride from HKIA to Hong Kong takes around 25 mins ~ it's really fast and the train comes every 5 mins or so. Super efficient !



During my 4D3N trip to Hong Kong , I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel @ Wan Chai. I have mixed feelings about this hotel , happy and sad ~ it's quite far from the shopping areas that I wanted to visit like Mongkok , Tsim Sha Tsui , etc. Plus I didn't know that there's a huge cemetery behind the hotel. ( - ___- || )

What I like about this hotel is that the staffs were really helpful and friendly. This hotel also provides shuttle buses to the Hong Kong train station where they'll pick up after you took the train from airport. They provide shuttle buses to Causeway Bay too , where you'll find Times Square Shopping Mall. The best part is that they provide FREE wi-fi at the lobby ! ( you have to pay for internet in HK ) Not only that , they also have comfy sofa /coach where you can sit and surf all the internet you want LOL.

I can't live without internet so it's a HUGE plus point for me !!

Otherwise , the room is small and clean. Nothing special about it except I got the cemetery view. Lucky the glass is tinted so it's still fine. 







While heading out for shopping exploration ~ I came across this cute Hello Kitty bus !! Hong Kong have lots of adorable things and you can find Hello Kitty stuff in their very own 7-11 ! 7-11 is around almost every corner of the city ! Happy max ! 



MTR in Hong Kong is pretty convenient ~ you can go almost everywhere using the train ! But becareful hor , while using the elevator , please stand on the right side. I got scolded by an uncle because I stood on the left side LOL. I'm used to standing on the left because Malaysia and Singapore also the same ~ so I was kinda shocked when the uncle scolded me. #sadface

Anyways , took a train to Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok ! Kinda sad that I didn't get to see what I want. I was hoping that I can find trendy clothes , accessories or shopping mall but Mongkok seems to be a touristy area. All I saw was luggage , hats , t-shirts , keychains , sexy costumes , soft toys etc. If you are interested in fashionable clothings , Mongkok's Ladies Street is not for you. But it's a nice place to feel the atmosphere of Hong Kong ~ busy and bustling with people. Very lively ! :-)







You will see lots of these banners on the street ~ but sadly I can't read Chinese so I don't know where to find this Rilakkuma shop !!! 





Maid Cafe in Hong Kong !! Now I regret I never take up Chinese during my primary school years. Wanna visit maid cafe also don't know where it is LOL. #tragic



Curry Fish Balls , Smelly Tofu and Waffles seems to be very popular in Hong Kong. Like 7-11 and SASA , you can see this almost every corner in the city !!



Tried the curry fish balls . Hmmmm , I'm not impressed ! The waffles were pretty good though !!





Saw this really pretty looking Etude House store !! Lot's of people queuing just to get in. I was really curious so I queued as well . #kiasu LOL





Turns out they are having sales and promotion now ~ From what I saw , it seems that you can get a limited edition pink Etude House luggage if you purchase 5000 HKD worth of products LOL !! I went in for a look but there were too many people so I left without buying anything . #shy





Honestly I was just wandering around blindly ~ there were lots of shops around Mong Kok and if you are lucky , you will stumble upon few shopping spots. I managed to find a few boutiques but as expected it wasn't that cheap. Saw a cat sweater but it was around 400 HKD so I gave up on it LOL.



Stumbled upon a store selling clothes and accessories for BJD ! BJD stands for Ball Jointed Dolls if you don't know. I'm didn't take much people because I'm pretty sure they won't allow it so I just snapped the pix of the shoes that they were selling ! If I'm a doll owner , I will definitely go crazy in this shop ! SO MANY PRETTY THINGS. Just look at these shoes ! Just too cute ! ( * _____ * )



I think Hong Kong people LOVES TOYS. Toy shops are everywhere ! Rillakuma , Hello Kitty , Alpaca , Bears , Spongebob , everywhere !! This is my new found love ! Aren't these bears adorable ? Guess how much is the smallest one ? 



It's 185 HKD for the smallest bear LOL. Now that I'm back in KL , I secretly wished that I bought one because it's just toooooo cuuuteeeee !! Especially the one in the middle with pink bow !! #sigh



I don't know why but I feel like I'm cursed. It's so difficult for me to find food around my hotel area. I just wanted my fav roast duck and roast pork rice and I couldn't find any. Ridiculous hor ? So I end up eating in my hotel LOL. I was really starving because my last meal was the chicken rice and totally forgotten bout having dinner !! ( blame all the shopping lol ) Shop until forgot to eat . :p







Cosmopolitan Hotel 's famous Pork Buns ! It's really yummy eventhough it's kinda expensive. But's it's totally worth the price ! 



Their " Xiao Lung Bao " is awesome too !! # drools



Their " Si Chuan Sweet and Sour Soup " is the best !! Warm up my tummy during the cold night in Hong Kong ! ( > ____ < )



Time to show you my loot of the day ! Surprisingly I didn't get to shop much. Nothing really interest me ~ except this particular shop in Mongkok ! Got myself this pair of cute tiger socks ! 






Okay la , even it's not the real thing but I'm so glad that I found something cat related ! It's only 100 HKD !! I can't believe it when I saw this on display ~ It's 250 HKD initially but if your buy something from the shop ( anything ) you can get it for 100 HKD only ! Thus , the reason I bought that Tiger Socks above lol.

Another tip for you ~ please do wear comfortable shoes when u travel in Hong Kong ! You will be doing lots of walking so sport shoes or sneakers will do fine. Don't action and wear high heels hor , you will regret and crawl back to hotel crying lol !

This ends my first day in Hong Kong !! Day 2 and Day 3 will be more exciting ~ stay tuned !

With Love ,