Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shopping in Shenzhen | Hong Kong Day Two


Hello guys !

Back with my Hong Kong trip day two post ! Just in case I forgotten all about it if I blog later ~ plus I have lots of assignments to catch up on actually ... * bad student * Will be back to Sabah for CNY a week earlier which means I will be missing a couple of classes ! #die

So during my second day in Hong Kong ~ I've decided to visit Shenzhen ! Never been to Shenzhen before so I don't know what to expect but my mother told me that it's a shopping paradise , cheaper and better than Hong Kong ! Not really keen on sight seeing in Hong Kong because I've visited almost all the tourist spots during my family trip back in 2005 ! So yeah , my aim is ONLY SHOPPING ! ( * v * ) 

So this post will be about my shopping experience in Shenzhen , some tips and reminder for you guys who wanted to visit Shenzhen one day ! Hope this post is helpful ! 



So how did I get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong ?

The most convenient way would be travelling via the MTR Subway. From Cosmopolitan Hotel , Wan Chai - I took a cab to Hung Hom Station where you can get a train to Lo Wu Station. It's like a 45 min train ride there ~ so please don't forget the most important thing to get you through the border , YOUR PASSPORT !

Yes , you will need a passport and also a Chinese Visa to enter Shenzhen ! If you haven't made your visa , don't worry , you can make it on the spot at the immigration ~ I did mine there too but you can only stay for 5 days max. 





Almost 12 stops to reach Lo Wu Station ( Shenzhen ). It's better that you sit because it'll be a looooooong ride. D;





You will see majority of the people bring luggage and bags. I guess you can expect lots of cheap and nice shopping experience , that's why you need to bring your luggage along. But don't bring super big luggage hor , the immigration has a luggage size limit !



Bored in the train .



After 45 mins of train ride ~ ( and long troublesome immigration check later ) I'm finally here in Shenzhen !! The train station itself was super packed ~ people with luggages everywhere ~ some even have big boxes ..... At this point I would imagine myself shopping like crazy also ~ since everyone bought so many things LOL.



So the first place I visited is the Luo Hu Commercial Centre ! To be honest , unless your are interested in replica watches , handbags or shoes , jewellery , cheongsam etc , then you can just skip this place. Kinda annoying that the shopkeeper keep pestering you to visit their shop and they are quite persistent too. Was kinda disappointed when I went in there because it's a highly recommended place to visit for shopping in Shenzhen. To me , Luo Hu Commercial Centre = Petaling Street in Malaysia.

Another tip here , they will raise their price quite high so you gotta bargain , like offer 30% of the price they are giving. If they don't agree or say cannot , just walk away .. they will call you back lol. Seriously you cannot be shy when it comes to bargaining here !

The shopkeeper lied to me here too lol. I asked them where I can get trendy ladies clothes ~ they say they don't know and tried to keep me away from Dong Men telling me lots of pick pocket because nearing CNY. Tell me nothing to see there ~ what the. Where all the honest people nowadays ? #disappointed

Pick pockets are real though. Be careful of your bags when you are shopping ! :-) Wouldn't wanna lose your money and passport !



However , I did discover an awesome shopping place for the ladies ! ( the guys too ). This is Dong Men Street , just two train stops away from Lo Wu Station ! You can forget about taking cab because there's at least 200 people waiting for cabs. #notkidding

I don't really have much time to explore this place because I woke up late and only arrived Shenzhen at 4pm ~ so I basically dash my way through and not much pictures taken also ! Will definitely do more research and re-visit Shenzhen again !

A tip for you ~ most shopping malls in Shenzhen only accept RMB ! They do accept HKD also but at a higher rate. Most shops do not accept credit card so make sure you have enough cash ! :-)



Dong Men Street is a place very much alike our Sungei Wang in KL. There are a few shopping malls around so you will have to explore a bit ~ I only get to visit two shopping malls and I'm pretty sure there are more that I haven't discovered lol ! 

My first impression was " WA OMG ALL THE CLOTHES AND SHOES !! " But I wasn't too hopeful also la ~ I thought the price will be like Luo Wu Commercial Centre , have to bargain and all ... but to my surprise ~ you can get a shirt for 50 RMB , sweater for 75 RMB and a hat for 48 RMB. So it's like you take it or leave it , the shopkeeper won't bother giving you discount , unless you visit those more high end ones.

You can find everything trendy here - clothing , hat , accessories , shoes , handbags and lingerie. But since it's winter season now so all the shops were selling sweaters , shirts , coats. If you wanna buy summer clothing , you should visit around May. ( *____ * )



Dong Men offers a wide variety of fashionable items for the men too ! I'm surprised at how well the men here dress ~ all so swag lol. I think they really take time to make sure that they look good ! The men's clothing were so nice that I wanted to buy from them too lol !

There are so many things to see here at Dong Men that you won't regret coming ~ at first I was thinking why would I get through so much trouble to get here ~ but after seeing Dong Men , I felt that it's all worth it !! Even bought a luggage to bring my shopping loot around ! 



That coat with lots of buttons remind me of T.O.P. It feels like something that he would wear !




Camo Jacket - Sungei Wang , Top - Mont Kiara Flea Market , Skirt - H&M and Bag - Topshop.

Glad that I brought this jacket to Hong Kong even though it's quite heavy ! It really keeps me warm and Shenzhen is even colder than Hong Kong !



Dong Men at night !



Cuttlefish snack !

Don't ever worry if you got hungry while shopping ~ food stalls are everywhere ! Sometimes I got distracted while doing my shopping because the food smell too seductive already !! ( * V * ) There's a wide variety of Shenzhen snacks around ~ you won't regret trying it !



No need to worry if you bought too many things and can't carry all of them ~ you can find luggage shops here at Dong Men. They know already that you will shop like crazy so they took the opportunity to open a luggage store here LOL. They have lots of of cute luggage to choose from ! Look at those pink polkadot luggage ! SO CUTE CAN !



Here's my luggage ! Show a a clearer picture of her later ! 



Shop until I didn't eat a proper dinner so I got my fav bread from 7-ll ! They don't sell these in Malaysia , nearest only Singapore ! I never miss my chance to eat em whenever I visit Singapore ! #shy



Say hi to my BABY PINK LUGGAGE. OH YEAH !! ♥ ♥ 

I always wanted a nice pink luggage but I know that it won't last long if I check this in the airport ~ it's be literally be mauled by other luggage and the airport staff will simply throw it anyways. So I asked the luggage man if this size is allowed in the plane , and he said yes.

OK HE LIED TO ME. I should have gotten a smaller one but oh well. He's selling this one for RM 150 only !!! I can never get this price here in Malaysia !! * mad love *



My shopping love from Shenzhen !! I didn't shop much la actually. Only 3 shirts , 2 sweaters , 1 jacket and 3 hats ! Skater skirts and sweaters were everywhere but I have too many sweaters and the skirts are too short for me ! No shoes for me too because my feet size too big . #sad.

Perhaps I should visit during summer ! Bet there will be more dresses and nice tops !! ( * w * )

Hong Kong Day Three - Ocean Park post up next !!! 

With Love,