Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CNY Hair @ Number76 , Mont Kiara


Hello !

Went to Number76 or also known as 76style with Miss Hermes yesterday ! It's my first time going to hair salon with a friend and do hair together !( but her rebonding took longer so I abandon her and went for lunch hehe ) #badfriend. 

But I bought her Subway ok. #excuses

Anyways ~ it's my second time visiting Number76 ( Mont Kiara branch ) , my first time was last year when I first dyed my hair ! But it was just a normal dark brown color that I did before I went for the MMK audition ! ( * v * ) This time I have much shorter hair and initially I wanted to dye a darker color plus ombre but my hair is too short ! So my hair stylist , Mr Sato , suggested me to dip dye pink on one side !

It took around 3 hours ? I touched up my black roots too and trimmed my fringe too ! I guess I wasn't brave enough to dye my whole head PINK. Shall try another color after CNY ! For now I'm really happy with the result ~ it's something new for me , love it ! Plus , Mr Sato is really nice !! ( >//////< ) #thumbsup

I wonder what color will it be when it fades after a few wash ~ can't wait ! ♥ ♥ 

p/s : If you wanna get your hair done by Number76 , do make a reservation beforehand or you'll have to wait really long because they are fully booked ! :-)

With Love ,