Saturday, March 9, 2013

Korean BBQ @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant


Hello !

How's everybody holding up ~ it's March already ! Around this time last year , it was when I received an email from MMK , telling  me that I'm qualified for second round of audition . * happy times * Thinking bout it , I feel really blessed because of this chance , I got to meet a group of wonderful people. Thanks to MMK also , I got much closer to Angie and also Hermes who was our manager for AFA MY. They are my beautiful girls who I hang out with almost every weekend ! ( * v * )

Imagine I have so much stress from my studies and all I want to do on weekends is to meet my lovelies - watch a movie or have a nice dinner. I feel so relaxed being with them because we can laugh about almost everything. :-)

And so last week , we all had korean BBQ craving ! Initially we wanted to try Ippudo Ramen @ Pavilion but no luck because the queue was way too long argh. * pulls hair * Went there 3 times already and the queue was unbelievable. Why ah ? We'll try again this weekend again LOL.

Anyways ! We went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Hartamas for dinner last Sunday. 
( * ___ * )



Angie , who looks like Kipi ( famous cosplayer ) and Mayuyu ( AKB48 ) LOL. 



Angie's trademark kawaii-desu face. :p



Ritchie who also joined us for dinner despite his stomach can't really tolerate Korean food ! We keep forcing him to eat LOL. But I think he actually enjoyed the food this time 


# 3

Ritchie and Angie !



My royal princess Hermes and I ! 



Go out Hermes makes me feel like a mother bringing out a kid. She is so petite omg and I'm so LARGE LOL.



What do I like about Daorae ?

I tried out a few Korean BBQ restaurants before and I still enjoy going back to Daorae. I guess it's the atmosphere ? When you enter the restaurant , they are so excited to welcome you ! The services are great and the price is pretty affordable too. Always a pleasant experience dining here ! 

Plus I LOVE their side dishes max. The Princess Hermes hor , keep ask me to request for the egg refill because she shy but she wanna eat more LOL.



All the side dishes are can re-fill one and so is the rice tea !



To fire-up the BBQ , you need to order at least two kinds of meat. Or you can choose to have ala-carte. But personally I like the bbq very much , and it tastes even better when u have great company ! :-)



Woohooooo ! BBQ pork is the best ! 



This is the marinated one ~ not as spicy as it looks. Quite yummy also !



This one is super good ~!! I give it a two thumbs up ! Angie recommended us to try out this dish many times already and we finally ordered it. It's a Korean style Pork and Potatoes Stew ~ the portion is quite big so you can share with 4-5 people. Super yummy !! ( * v * )



Korean BBQ is definitely one of my fav food ! It's all vegetable and meat so I don't feel guilty after eating it LOL. #truestory. Don't even have carbs unless you order extra rice. ( minus the potato stew ) No wonder Koreans have slim body figures ! * envious *

Will be hanging out with my lovelies again tomorrow ! Looking forward as always ! 

With Love ,