Friday, May 11, 2012

Sheryl Nome | Macross Frontier | Photoshoot

Hello all !

The full photo set from my Sheryl Nome cosplay that I had last month ! This is one of my favourite costume that I made up to date ~ I took a long time deciding on what kind of fabric to use , what lace to buy etc. As you can see from the pictures , my top and skirt are very .. sparkly lol. I love the fabric for my skirt max and I think it is perfect for Diamond Crevasse style costume ! * A * 

Haven't been cosplaying Sheryl much this year but I do plan to make the Diamond Crevasse ( Itsuwari no Utahime ver. ) Perhaps around July ? Gosh , assignment is so heavy these few weeks. /sigh. I only have today to rest then I'll have to continue my figure drawing assignments. ( ;-; ) I will work hard !

Anyways , enjoy my Sheryl Nome photos from this photoshoot ! 8)


Ying Tze as Sheryl Nome ( Back Illustration ver. )


Ying Tze


Rong Tau


Razrig Photography

IMG_0436 copy

" Sheryl , The Galaxy Fairy . "

IMG_0444 copy

" Listen to my song . "

IMG_0434 copy

IMG_0450 copy

IMG_0469 copy

"Sheryl On Stage ."





Okay , I have a confession to make ~ I forgot to switch my contact lenses to blue ~~~~ ( ;-; ) How forgetful ! I don't photoshop my photos so I'll let it be this time ~ will definitely remember to wear the right colour next time !

Much Love ,

Cheryl :-*