Thursday, March 22, 2012

Senryo | ZONE-00 | Photoshoot

Hello !

Zone-00 is one of the series that I really like but unfortunately can't find much of its manga online :( The chinese version is up to volume 9 I think ? But I couldn't read chinese so I always need ask my friends what it's all about lol . The artist of the manga is the same with Trinity Blood and the character design are amazing ~ almost everyone has beautiful tattoos ! :D This manga made me wanna cosplay almost every character ! * A * ♥ ♥ ♥

This is my first time cosplaying a " manly " character , Senryo . He is the black cat familiar of the Witch of the West , Mayoko Okino . Senryo has super big muscles and six pack which I don't have so I did the butler version instead : x

I made the vest and apron , tie and shirt is borrowed and the pants is recycled from my Shu Ouma costume :) The costly part about this cosplay is the tattoos ~ Senryo has beautiful tattoos all over his body , mainly Lotuses . The wig wasn't very difficult to style because it was made based on Natsu's ( Fairy Tail ) hair style. I love the colour very much :) Senryo also wears small bells as earrings but I do not have any piercings so I sewed the bells on a clip-on earring and wore it. 



Angie as Kujo Saburo
Byou as Ango Shima
Kazeki as Mayoko Okino
Huko as Shirayuri Hime
Ying Tze as Senryo
See Jun as Renji Kurobara
Kizuna as Benten
Jerry as Murakumo
Ryeain as Byakko
Kenneth as Miwayama
Kikyo as Kaze Hotaru
Xiao Lynn as Kaze Jun


Respective Cosplayers


Razrig Photography
Ordinary Light Photography
Soo Weai
Kenneth Tee


" Zone-00 , Senryo "

Photo By = Kenneth Tee


" The Witch of The West and her Black Cat ".

Photo By = Razrig Photography

DSC_7915 edres

♥ " I'll protect you , Princess . " ♥

Photo by = Ordinary Light Photography


Photo by = Ordinary Light Photography


" The Dog & The Cat "

Photo by = Soo Weai


" The Princess and their Knights . "

Photo by = Soo Weai


Photo by = Razrig Photography


" ZONE-00 "

Photo by = Razrig Photography


* cough cough my Majoko is so hot cough *

Photo by = Ordinary Light Photography

Had lots of fun cosplaying with this lovely group ~ everyone is so funny and I pretty enjoyed this very much ♥

Much Love ,

Cheryl :-*