Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucy Heartfilia | Fairy Tail | Preview

Hello ! 


I am so happy last week because I finally get to cosplay one of my favourite character /anime , Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail ! Initially I made this costume to attend Animax Carnival 2012 that was held earlier but I didn't have the courage to cosplay Lucy because of my height ~ /sigh . I'm afraid that I would be too gigantic you know :-/

So I did a photoshoot instead with Raz from Razrig Photography ~ Raz is so much fun to work with as always :D Thank you Raz !


I thought that Lucy's costume is simple to make at first glance but gosh I'm so wrong ! The top took me a whole day working non-stop to get it done . From the original illustration , I realized that the blue colour of the top is different from the skirt ~ and I have the exact colour from my leftover fabric stash :D


The skirt is a pleated skirt but as usual , I don't really like making pleated skirts lol


I got the full set of celestial keys earlier this year and it's so beautiful ! The keys are kinda accurate because it took me awhile to look for the perfect set :D 


This is my full set Lucy Heartfilia costume on my mannequin ! :)


I got Happy-kun too ! I will get a Plue too for my next shoot ~ I love Happy's character very much in Fairy Tail and he is so , so extremely cute with Charles * A *


Did a different make-up for Lucy ! No heavy lashes like Sheryl's , just very light brown eyeshadow and natural looking fake lashes :)


Oh ! Here's my first instax from my new Hello Kitty Instax Camera !

( and my Leo Key * A * )


Taken by Razrig Photography with Hello Kitty Instax Pouch ! :3

♥ Pink is my no.1 favourite colour ! 

More photos from this set coming soon !