Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fujifilm 25s Hello Kitty Edition !

Look what I've got in my mail today :)

I have been eyeing on this baby since last year ! I have been debating with my inner self whether or not to splurge on an instax camera - because intsax flims gonna cost a lot in long run . . But instax pix looks good and it's cute , so why not ? Here goes my impulse purchase lol 

I got the Fujiflim 25s Hello Kitty ( White ) instead of the normal white camera because I have a soft spot for cute things. It's Hello Kitty !! ( Eventhough it would be way better if it's Rilakkuma * cough cough * )


Super excited when it reached my doorstep today ! :)


My cat , Fatty posing with my new love !


Here's the box ! So cute already * A *


It comes with a FREE box of Hello Kitty Instax Films :D


.... and also a free PINK Hello Kitty pouch !

( super big fan of pink :p )


A free gift - A mini album to keep my instax photos :)


My cat , Scrawney posing with my new camera lol

I think it's nice having an instax camera because I like the feeling of snapping pix with my dear friends /family and get the photos instantly ~ plus the photo is the size of a credit card , can be kept in wallets easily. Till now I still look back at the instax photos that my friends give to me . Beautiful memories :)

( hope the films won't hurt my wallet too much ! lol )