Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Animax Carnival 2012

Hello !

Firstly I would like to announce that my semester break starts today ! * pops champagne * Wasn't very active in blogging for the past month because I have too many presentations to prepare and also go for photography class trips. Been rushing magazine cover edits and also compiling pictures for my final assignment too. I think my magazine covers edit didn't turn out good but I'm glad that my holidays are finally here :D

Anyways , I attended the Animax Carnival @ 1 Utama , The Oval last Saturday ! Alodia was guest judge for the cosplay competition and I'm glad to bump into her again ( in the washroom lol ). The event was pretty exciting because I get to catch up with my friends again and also meet new friends :) I made two costume for the event , Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail . Couldn't decide which to wear at first but then I went as Sheryl Nome during Day 1 ! 

A little bit about my Sheryl Nome costume ~ this year I plan to splurge more on nicer fabrics and also laces instead of wanting to use the cheapest alternative available :D Somehow I couldn't resist " blinging " my costumes lol  For this costume I used Matte Satin as base , then sequins for the top and " stardust " organza for the skirt. I like how the whole thing turn out to be quite sparkly ! Wore my Topshop pantyhose with this costume and also my new lace up boots. But one of the heel broke during the event :( So I changed back quite early. :-/

Sheryl Nome | Macross Frontier


Ying Tze as Sheryl Nome ( Back illustration ver. )


Ying Tze


Razrig Photography
Kenny Linkinstreet


Photo by Razrig Photography


Photo by Razrig Photography


Photo by Razrig Photography


Photo by Razrig Photography


Photo by Razrig Photography


Photo by Razrig Photography


Photo by Kenny Linkinstreet


Photo by Kenny Linkinstreet


Polaroid given by my dear Soo Weai :D

Didn't manage to attend Animax Carnival Day 2 because I'm having a big group photoshoot that evening ~ had to prepare quite long so I decided not to attend :x Anyways , more about my Zone-00 photoshoot next ! <3