Monday, December 19, 2011

Costumes for Comic Fiesta 2011 !

Hello guys !

I bet everyone is having the " post-event withdrawal " syndrome right now ! Gosh ~ I have so many things to unpack after Comic Fiesta 2011 : my wigs / costumes / other stuffs but I'm kinda lazy right now. I had lots of fun catching up with friends and also meeting new lovely people !

Comic Fiesta 2011 was kinda unpredictable. It was held in KLCC Convention Centre and it was super packed ! For Day 1 CF , I only managed to get to the event around 3 pm and it rained lol . My group cosplayed as Sound Horizon : Marchen . I did the 7th Maiden , Aohigeko or also known as Sir Blue's Wife . Some of my group members wore gown so our gowns were wet because we hang out around the park most of the time. :p Didn't get to visit the halls also because the queue was super looooong. 

Day 2 Comic Fiesta was better ! I cosplayed as the personification of Baskin Robbins and my flavour is " Strawberry Milk ". My BR group managed to get in Hall 4 and we camped there whole day :D . I'm happy being able to exchange coscards with other cosplayers ! Managed to catch up with other cosplayer / photographer friends too :) Lots of epic and awesome cosplays to see . How I wish that I have a camera to snap everyone's picture !


Comic Fiesta 2011 | Day 1

Sound Horizon : Marchen

Sir Blue's Wife / Aohigeko


Made this gown using red matte satin. Couldn't find nicer red ( blood red ) but I'm kinda happy with the outcome ~ will bling it up with more laces for the group photoshoot ! :)


Comic Fiesta 2011 | Day 2

Personification of Baskin Robbins

Strawberry Milk


Didn't have enough time to print out the Baskin Robbins logo ~ My team mates's costume designs are so wonderful ~ everybody is so colorful and creative :) I feel kinda ashamed with my design lol . Shall add in more accessories and stuff later ! Pink is my favourite color >/////<

Shall be waiting for more pictures from Comic Fiesta 2011 ! Will update soon :)