Thursday, November 10, 2011

Basic Tools For Sewing

Hello guys !

Today I would like to share about the basic tools /equipment needed to start sewing and making your own costume. There are lots of sewing equipment around in stores : some are really basic while some are more specialized. :)

But of course~ for beginners ( like me ) we don't really need fancy sewing equipment/tools yet so basic tools will do for now. The sewing tools listed below are those I commonly use every time I make a new cosplay costume !


1. Measuring Tape

This is used to take body measurement . There are two sides , one in " inch" and another side in " CM ".


2. Tracing Wheel

Used with tracing paper to transfer pattern markings on fabric.


3. Tailor's Chalk Pencil & Tailor's Chalk

Both used to mark on the fabric ( can be removed by washing ). I prefer the chalk pencil though , it draws finer lines :)


4. Bent-handled Shears & Normal Scissors

Bent-handled shears are for fabric cutting. Not advisable to use for cutting paper lol or you might spoil it. I use normal scissors for paper pattern cutting or cutting threads.


5. Tailor's Ruler

Used for measuring during pattern drawing . There are different kind of rulers but I use this most often :)


6. Glass Headed Pins & Pin Cushion

Pins are available in different thickness and length but I like glass headed pins because they are easier to handle during sewing ! This pin cushion has been following me since I first started sewing :)


7. Threads and Plastic Bobbins


8. Plastic Bobbins

Plastic bobbins are used for portable sewing machines. The older types uses metal bobbins if I'm not mistaken. ;p


9. Storage Cases For Small Sewing Tools

I use this to store all my threads , buttons , machine feet , bobbins and etc . More organized and I won't have trouble finding them when I need it.


10. Carbon Tracing Paper

This is like one of the most important tool in my sewing process ! It helps to mark both sides of the fabric so you won't have to do double work~ a must have !


11. Portable Sewing Machine

Totally optional but it helps you from getting insane . Any type of sewing machine will do. You can hand sew too but it takes more time and patience :)


12. Old Newspaper

Used for pattern making ! I used to buy mahjong paper but old newspaper are more economic and convenient lol


13. Fabric

Will talk about different kinds of fabric next time !


14. Buttons / Laces / Buckles / Gems / Bias Tapes / Ribbons / ETC

You will need lots of these when you are making cosplay costumes :D


15. Sewing Guide Books

I started learning how to sew by learning the basics for a month from my aunty ! Then I start buying sewing books and also look for online tutorials. There are so many sewing tutorials online nowadays ~ It helps ! :D


16. Sewing Note Book

I write down all my body measurements , mini patterns , notes , and costumes drafts in a note book so that I can refer back when I am making similar style costume. :D


17. Ready Made Patterns

This is for my reference only. Unfortunately I'm too big sized to fit these small patterns ~ so I'll refer to how the pattern shape roughly looks like if I'm lost. There are a wide variety of ready made patterns available online / shops but it's not cheap :x


18. Costume References

Before you start making your costumes , you should do some research on how the costume looks like : the length , cutting , color etc ~ look for front and back view / small details on the costume . If there aren't any clear reference online , you can always look for the manga or screen cap from the anime lol

I'm still a beginner in sewing / costume making so please don't mind if I make mistakes here and there > w < ~ Just wanna share what I know about sewing and I still have much more to learn ~Do share with me if you happen to know any good sewing blogs yeah !