Thursday, December 22, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 Day One | Marchen

Hello guys !

As I posted earlier , my group did a cosplay from Sound Horizon : Marchen for Comic Fiesta Day One ~ I guess not much people know bout this series but there are people that recognizes us during the event :) Sound Horizon is a band and Marchen is a song compilation of seven fairy tales /seven princesses / seven sins. The songs are kinda sad / twisted and sent chills down my spine but I enjoyed it very much. The vocals are soooo good ! Much thanks to Angie and Ryeain for introducing me to Marchen and inviting me to be a part of their wonderful group :D



My character is Aohigeko or also known as Bluebeard's 5th Wife . The sin for this song is " Lust ". Bluebeard tortured and killed all his previous wives and stored their corpses in a room. His 5th wife was also one of the corpse that got hung in the room . In the beginning of the song , Aohigeko wondered why her favourite white dress is so red , only to realize that she's already dead.

This is my first time cosplaying a sad / tortured character . I'm struggling and imagined myself being tortured and visualize how would I look like but failed D: I still have much to work on my facial expressions ~ I look constipated in most of my photos lol ! I had no problems making this gown ~ in fact I kinda enjoy sewing gowns now ~ I can wear slippers beneath my gown lololol !  / unglam

Took me awhile figuring out how to construct this gown. Initially I wanted to make it a one piece gown but decided that separating the top and skirt would be easier. I had a hard time matching the red laces because there aren't much type of laces to choose from .... Relieved that it turned out to look the way I wanted it to be despite rushing my assignments and studying for exams as well ~ * A *

Will be adding more laces / details for my costume before the full group photoshoot  


Photo by Kenneth Tee


Photo by Kenneth Tee


Photo by Kenneth Tee


Photo by E-Jump


Photo by E-Jump


Photo by KTYP Lim

Sound Horizon | Marchen

Pu Kwong as Marchen Von Friedhof
Jaq Lavena as Elize
Ryeain as Elisabeth Von Wettin
Me as Bluebeard's 5th Wife
Aiko Shorin as Daughter
Karie as Sleeping Beauty
Kappy as Snow White
Akiyumi as Nun / Daughter

p/s : I need a Bluebeard ~ who interested to be my " husband" ?  LOL