Monday, August 29, 2011

Preview : HOTD Photoshoot

Finally get to cosplay one of my fav anime /manga which is " Highschool Of The Dead " ! I read the manga before I even watch the anime ~ love both but it seems that the manga is more detailed somehow . Really hope that they will continue the manga and release the second season soon !! 8)

Glad to be a part of Mbek's HOTD group ! She make such a fine Saya Takagi . * v * Plus , Chiaki came all the way from Sabah for this shoot too ~ not forgetting Sean as Kohta Hirano * fangurls * ! Too bad we don't have a Takashi to fight over for :-p


Me as Saeko Busujima .


Zombies-to-be and photographers .


Zombie transformation !


The H.O.T.D Girls ! 8D

Chiaki Nana , Mbek and I <3


Me and Raz !

Raz why you so moe ? HO HO :-p


A little preview of our photoshoot !

Enjoyed the photoshoot very much ~ much thanks to everyone involved in this ! Without your help , things won't go on so smoothly ! ^^ Although I kinda failed in cosplaying Saeko .. D: Will do another version of her in the future~ I really want a Takashi by then ! Anyone ? :-x

More pix soon !