Monday, August 22, 2011

Preview : Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Photoshoot

Hello guys !

Just had our Hakuouki photoshoot last night ! This photoshoot was planned way back during Animagaki 2010 ~ Akiyumi brought her Hakuouki Artbook and we just can't stop fangurling over the whole Shinsengumi team omggggg ! * v * On the spot we recruited Jaq as Toudou Heisuke and Sue Lyn as Chikage Kazama . So , almost one year later ... we finally did it !


We all like the traditional version so we decided to do this first * v * Took me quite sometime to make this because this is my first time making hakama and gi . Anyways , was lucky that it turned out looking decent !


Had our expensive dinner at Komura then off to start shooting ! Time passed by really fast ( probably we bromance too much ) and soon we have to pack and go home around 10.30 pm . . It was really fun meeting Sue Lyn , Jaq , Akiyumi , Kagami and Annie again ! We had so much fun ~ trolling around and talking nonsense . LOL !


Annie as my lovely Chizuru . She is extremely moe ! I'm sorry that my Hijikata failed you . ;-; Will definitely practice man-lier make up and do you justice next round !!


Due to overpopulation of " men ", ( we have only one Chizuru ) I kinda resort to doing some bro-mance with Akiyumi to entertain myself while waiting for the long queue to have pix with Annie ! 8D


( The Madness Of Duke Kazama - photo by Pu Kwong )

The best pix of the day ! 8D

I'm camping for the pix too ~ will do a post on this once I get all the photos !