Friday, August 19, 2011

Photoshoot : Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Or in this case , Panty and Stocking with Brief would be more appropriate !

This photoshoot is done way back after Cosfest this year . I'm honoured to be able to work with Shiro Ang this time ! ^^ First met Shiro at Cosfest 2010 and weren't able to have a photoshoot with him until later this year . Although this whole shoot was done in less than 20 minutes due to time constraints , I do really love the end results !

This is my favourite photo if the day ! :


Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt ( Brief lol )


Me as Anarchy Panty ( default ver . )

Jaq Lavena as Anarchy Stocking ( default ver. )

See Jun as Brief ( default ver . )


Shiro Ang


Respective Cosplayers


See Jun


Me as Anarchy Panty

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is one of the series that I really love and almost instantly decided to cosplay when I first watched it ! I actually bought both Panty and Stocking wigs after finishing the whole season . . . and also I can't help but laugh a lot when shooting with Shiro because I was thinking ways to get into character - I'm thinking hard to to look and feel like Panty , if you get what I mean . lol !




Jaq Lavena as Anarchy Stocking

My Stocking ! Jaq Lavena is a chameleon . She can do all sorts of character , from moe to tsundere . That's why she made such convincing Stocking cosplay .



See Jun as Brief

My first time cosplaying with See Jun ! He's so much fun to work with , always making us laugh ! Plus he was really in character ~ exactly like Brief . But I'm not nearly as abusive as Panty . More like fangurling from the side D:

Much thanks to See Jun for making our Backlace and Stripe !



Anarchy Sisters .


Daily arguments as usual .



Panty and Brief !


Poor Brief always caught in between ! 8D



Poor Brief !

My favourite photo ! Really glad that we got this shot eventhough we are rushing like mad ~ we were like " See Jun we sit on you ahhh . " I'm quite heavy myself so much credits to See Jun to be able to withstand our weight and also maintain his " Brief " face !


Brief reaching out or running away !

I will be doing more Anarchy Panty costumes once I cleared off all my cosplay plans ! Really wanted to do the Angel version and also the Romeo and Juliet version . * v * I recently completed my Stocking sailor costume but no chance for a photoshoot yet ;-;

Anyways , much love for Shiro for taking time to do a photoshoot with us ! He's really great to work with and I can't stop laughing when he's around ( as usual :-p ) Hope to see you again soon ! Guys , do visit his Deviantart for more of his beautiful works !

That's all for now ! ^^