Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vocaloid : Love Colored Ward

Hello guys !

I know I haven't been blogging much and this blog has been secretly turning into a place where I post all my cosplay photos . OMG . I feel kinda guilty too . /smacks self . I have so many things to review but frustrated as hell because well , iphone 4 photo kinda sucks when it comes to self-portrait . . . How I wish a camera will fall from the sky . ( which is very unlikely to happen * sobs * )

Long story short , I had three photoshoots planned for the beautiful month of July and two out of three is completed ! * v * YAY ! Although the scary part is yet to come . . . August and so on will be much more " happening " .

This is the first cosplay photoshoot I had for the month of July this year : Love Colored Ward from Vocaloid . It's a very cute song !

I made this costume for Luka last year when I attended AFA X with Jaq Lavena as my Rin . Didn't get much photos from the event because there were so much happening around ! ( was busy looking at lovely merchandises and AFA Regional Cosplay Competition ) So we planned to have a full group this year and did our photoshoot with Angie as our Miku and Akiyumi as our Meiko !

Have been thinking hard where to do our photoshoot and we were fortunate enough to get permission to shoot at Tenshi No Cafe ! Tenshi No Cafe is a maid cafe located at e@Curve . The meido working there was lovely and being very helpful . After the photoshoot , I ordered Mango Shaved Ice and it's really yummy ! * thumbs up *

Okay ~ enough talking , it's photo time !





Respective Cosplayers .


Megurine Luka | Love Colored Ward



Hatsune Miku | Love Colored Ward


Meiko | Love Colored Ward


Kagamine Rin | Love Colored Ward


Miku , Luka & Meiko | Love Colored Ward



Megurine Luka , Hatsune Miku , Kagamine Rin & Meiko | Love Colored Ward

I know right . I don't have much pictures to post because this photoshoot was a really short one due to time constraint ! Anyways , I still love these photos to bits . Many thanks to the photographers : Raz , KC and Alex for spending their time shooting for us ! ( very , very busy men hur hur ) . Will attempt a re-shoot in the future !

Do pay Tenshi No Cafe a visit if you happen to be in town !

LG 18 , North Side , e@Curve , Mutiara Damansara ,
47810 Petaling Jaya , Malaysia .