Monday, July 18, 2011

Cosfest X.1 2011 Day 2

Cosfest X.1 2011 | Day 2

Macross Frontier : Sayonara No Tsubasa

Sheryl Nome | Me
Grace O Conner | Akimoto Yumi
Ranka Lee | Jaq

Costume & Accessories by respective cosplayers .

Pole by Jaq Lavena


Photo by Raz | Bakasteam Deviantart

For Cosfest Day 2 , my partners and I decided to do costumes from Macross Frontier's latest movie , " The Wings of Goodbye " or also known as " Sayonara no Tsubasa " ! It took awhile for us to decide on which version to do because all the costumes are too beautiful ~ * v * . My Ranka was in love with the Magician ver. so I took the White Navy ver. to match her . I'm super lucky this time because I get to have Yumi as my manager , Grace !

About the costume : This is my first time making pants . I don't really like wearing pants because I have fat thighs so this costume is kinda challenging for me . :-/ Not forgetting that it's pretty hot to wear because I'm fully wrapped up from head to toe like a present !

This costume is pretty easy to draft : a jacket and a high waist pants . I enjoyed making the jacket the most ! Love all the gold buttons and gold laces on the sleeves . I spent quite a lot on the gold trimmings but it's all worth it ! :-) The pink tube top inside was purchased from a night market near my house .

About the flag - The flag pole is made by Jaq Lavena , much thanks to her I can have a flag pole . The flag itself is made out of cotton fabric and the patterns on the flag are made out of velveteen ! The Boots - OMG . I have been waiting for so long that I thought it wouldn't reach on time . Luckily it did arrive if not I would have to change plans . D;


Photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart

Sheryl Nome | White Navy ver .


Photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart


Photo by Terence Ho


Photo by Terence Ho


Photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart

Yumi | Grace O' Conner


Photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart

Yumi made such a wonderful Grace ! * v * Too bad we didn't stay long enough to take group pictures together . Everyone seems so tired . Especially my Ranka who stayed up whole night to finish her costume . She had to change back after an hour because she's not feeling well . Anyways , we'll be having a photoshoot end of this month ! Can't wait ! 8D