Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cosfest X.1 2011 Day 1

Cosfest X.1 2011 | Day 1

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt .

Anarchy Panty | Me
Anarchy Stocking | Jaq Lavena
Briefers " Brief " Rock | See Jun

Costume | Accessories by respective cosplayers .

Props by See Jun


Honekoneko & Backlace
( photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart )

For Day 1 Cosfest this year , I'm super happy and excited that I finally get to debut my default Anarchy Panty costume ! ( which has been stuck and ready in my wardrobe since March lol ) . Initially Jaq and I have different plans for Day 1 , unfortunately materials and other stuff that we ordered couldn't arrive on time . So we switched to doing the default version instead !

I am really glad to have See Jun as Brief in our PSG group ! Gosh , he make such a cute and in-character Brief ! He source and modified his own costume , made all the little details for his costume and made his backpack too . In addition , he made us Stocking's sword and Panty's Backlace too . Thanks !

Plus , Jaq is such a cute Stocking . I can't wait for our photoshoot ! Anarchy sisters Yeah !

About the cosplay costume : Making the default version of Panty is quite easy and the pattern is simple to draft . I enjoyed making dresses so it's really fun . The gold necklace was a chain belt I got from Times Square for Rm 9.90 . The bangles was a gift from B . The earrings ! Okay , the earrings was made out of soft wire , red ribbon and spangles from Daiso . I do not wear earrings and never get piercings before so it's double taped on lol . It stay on for hours and it works :-x Red nail polish is from Daiso too !


Anarchy Panty Cosplay by Me | Yingtze Deviantart

( photo by Nizam MRani | E-Jump Wordpress )


( photo by Razrig | Bakasteam Deviantart )


Anarchy Stocking Cosplay by Jaq Lavena | Indesicive Persona Deviantart

( photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart )


( photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart )


Briefers " Brief " Rock Cosplay by See Jun | See Jun Deviantart

(photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart )


(photo by Sihan Chen | Naxhis Deviantart )


Anarchy Sisters .

( photo by Razrig | Bakasteam Deviantart )


Panty and Brief .

( photo by Fariz Asuka | Farizasuka Deviantart )


Panty and Stocking with Brief .

( photo by Razrig | Bakasteam Deviantart )

Cosfest X.1 Tribute Video Part 1 | by Studio Omoshiroi

Here's a video by talented Studio Omoshiroi and there's a scene where poor Brief got pushed to the floor by me /evil laughter . Sorry Brief ! Thank you so much for including us in the video !






Panty with Stocking with Garterbelt is one of the anime that I can watch repeatedly without getting bored . Every episode is so funny and the latest OVA is super troll ! Will definitely be doing more versions of PSG soon ~to me it's as addictive as Sheryl Nome lol

Cosfest X.1 Day 2 post coming next ! * v *