Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet the siblings !

Hello guys !

(get's bricked for lack of updates )

This post is dedicated to my lovely kittens , meet :


( Owh yes , that's a trolley lol )

The one on the left is male and the one on the right is female . Despite the enormous size difference , both of them are actually only 4 months old . I don't know why the male one is so .. gigantic ? I don't really have inspiration to think of nice names for them yet but most probably will end up naming them " Fatty " and " Skinny " lol

I adopted them from a lovely lady that I found from PetFinder.Com . She has three kittens for adoption and one of the three was adopted already .I don't want to separate the remaining two so B and I decided to adopt both ! ^^

They were not used to car rides so they crapped and puked in the car . ( which resulted in a RM 200 Car Wash later ) And I guess they miss home very much so the first night in our place they can't stop crying at night . The male kitten was the loudest lol


This is Day 4 ! Having an afternoon nap at their favourite napping spot !


I am so glad that they finally dare to approach me ! This is them in my sewing room when I'm working with my costumes ^^



Fatty ! He loves to eat and keep going back to his bowl for more food . D: I need to play with him more so that he gets all the exercises that he needs . He's the chatty type . Purrs a lot . 8D


Skinny hugging Fatty's tail while sleeping .8D


Skinny is the silent and gentle type compared to Fatty . She loves attention and enjoys being massaged by me !


After dinner ! They are very smart and already toilet trained so I have no problem with them running around the house . It's such a pleasure watching them playing with each other !


Fatty's playtime :-)


Extremely playful !


I hope that they will grow into strong and healthy cats ! * v *

p/s : Fatty and Skinny are only temporary names . Will think of suitable names soon ! :-)