Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cosplay Costume : Megumi Shimizu ( Episode 4 ver )

I know riteeee ~ I haven't been updating much lately ! Been busy with work , making costumes , if not more work and also photoshoots . I rarely even blog about my life now because I have nothing to share at the moment , but recently I bought lots of new make-up stuffs and I can't wait to blog about it soon =)

This is one of the many costumes that I have been working on since early March ? I love Shiki very much as it was different from the usual kind of anime that I used to watch . Shiki is very dark and interesting . lol . My favourite character ? Definitely , Megumi Shimizu .

Overall this costume wasn't very difficult to make but gathering the accessories was . . painful . Belts , studded collars , fingerless gloves , rings , earrings etc . Was running around looking for everything and finally it's complete and ready to go ! * w *







Now I need to find free time for a photoshoot ! ♥