Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project Diva 2nd : Spacy Nurse Miku

Hello !

Last weekend I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by fourteen , yes 14 insanely moe Hatsune Miku !! Many thanks to lovely Angie , for organizing such a huge Project Diva group . Never in my life I thought that I would be able to cosplay Miku because I'm too giant sized to be one . ( and I'm not moe at all ) * coughs * But it was really fun meeting news friends as always ! This time I'm fortunate enough to be able to meet Cyubeh , Viospace and Jesuke from Singapore ! * fangurlsto the max * Plus get to meet up with the rest of my moe harem . * w * /nosebleeds

There are so many versions of Hatsune Miku to choose from and Project Diva has so many lovely costumes ! =) I don't know why , but I'm mysteriously drawn to nurses or maids . So , I finally decided on Miku's Spacy Nurse version .

Project Diva 2nd

Hatsune Miku Spacy Nurse ver . by me

Photo By Raz




Hatsune Miku , Project Diva :

Angie - Ryeain - Suan - Cheryl - Senyakun - Cyubeh - Jesuke - Viospace - Fang Fang - Xsaye - Jaq Lavena - Crystal - Cappy - Aiko Shorin

Shall update more when I get all the pix =) Stay tuned !