Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photoshoot : Macross Frontier Star Date

This is a Macross Frontier cosplay photoshoot that I did earlier this month ! * cough cough * I know I promised this long time ago but failed to update . * cough cough * Anyways , I'm super lucky to have an Alto this time ! Guys , seriously it's so difficult for me to find a cosplayer that's willing to be my partner due to my gigantic size . You will understand when you scroll down later . D-8

Macross Frontier have always been my favorite anime and my goal is to cosplay all , if not , try to do as much Sheryl Nome's costume variations as I could . She has so many gorgeous costumes that never failed to " poison " me into making it ! Will be doing a few from the new movie : Sayonara No Tsubasa real soon . * v *

Finally , I can check " Star Date " off my " Sheryl-To-Do-List " . Eventhough we didn't shoot as much as we expected due to weather being extremely hot , I really enjoyed this photoshoot very much .


Macross Frontier : Star Date

Alto Saotome by Dion
Sheryl Nome by me
Ranka Lee by Jaq Lavena

Photographer :







Despite not being able to eat McD / infamous sunset scene / or more Sheryl x Alto but seeing this set of pictures never failed to put a smile on my face . Thanks sayang Jaq Lavena for making my dream come true !

There will be more Macross Frontier from us I promise ! * w *