Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cosplay Make Up Tutorial For Female Characters

Ohai !

It's time for another make up tutorial ! Recently , I received a few messages from my friends asking me for tips regarding make up for cosplay . There are like millions of way to achieve the character " look " that you want . It really takes a lot of trial and errors before you know what kind of make up really suits you . ^^

Anyways , I will show you how I do my make up for female characters .


Here are the cosmetics that I use for this look :

1# Kate Gradical Eyes BR-1
2# Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow [ 013 Sweet Smoulder ]
3# Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner in Black
4# Surprise Stick Concealer [ Etude House ]
5# Lash Expander Frame Plus [ Majolica Marjoca ]
6# TheFaceShop Eyelash Glue
7# Rimmel London Lipstick :Nude Delight
8# Body Shop Loose Powder
9# Etude House Eyelash Curler
10#Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little
11#Body Shop Blusher
12#Loreal Paris True Match Foundation


Step 1 : Again with the same routine : Moisturize your face and conceal all imperfections ! This time which is a bit different from my previous daily make up tutorial , instead of just dabbing loose powder , I applied some foundation beforehand . Then , you will have a clean , flawless face to " paint " on . :-p


Step 2 : Depending on what character you will be cosplaying , ( unless the character has black / dark hair colour ) you will have to nude your eyebrows . I conceal my eyebrows using a stick concealer beacause I will be putting on a blonde/pink wig later . ^^


This is my favourite palette of eye shadow ! It's Kate's Gradical Eyes in BR-1 .


Step 3 : I apply the lightest shade of brown on my entire eyelid . Then I use the next darker brown and blend it from my lash line to the crease . For the darkest shade of brown , I use it on the crease of my eyes from the corner to the outer edges . I also lightly brush some light brown on my lower eyelid .


Step 4 : Then it's eyeliner time ! This time I lined my lower eyeliner too to make my eyes appear larger .


For this look , I'm using this type of upper lashes .


Step 5 : Stick on the fake upper lashes . Then , curl it upwards using your favourite eyelash curler . For cosplay , I prefer thicker and longer fake lashes so that it's more obvious in photos . That's my eye with and without the lashes , can you see the difference ?

Some people say that fake lashes is not important , but to me it makes all the difference =p


Now you can have big eyes . lol


Step 6 : Spam mascara on your lower lashes !


For the lower lashes , I'm using Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little .


Step 7 : Use a tweezer to stick on the fake lashes one by one . I stick them slightly below my real lower lashes . It also blends in well and look more natural . ( Trust me , less painful when you remove it later lol )


To lighten the colour of my eyebrows , I'm using Rimmel London Quad Eye Shadow ( 013 Sweet Smoulder )


Step 8 : I use the blonde-like colour to shade my eyebrows . On the left pix , you can see that my right eyebrow is coloured and the other one is not . On the second pix , both my eyebrows are coloured ( * w * )


This is a blusher given to me by my mum so I don't remember the name , but the colour is more to orange .


Step 9 : Smile when you apply the blusher on your cheeks .


Rimmel London Lipstick : Nude Delight !


Step 10 : Apply nude lipstick ! It's the matter of preference actually . Personally I prefer using nude lipstick if I have blusher on , so that the focus will be on my eyes and cheeks instead of my lips . Won't want the make up to be too over ^^






Put on your wig !


This is how I usually do my make up for the female characters that I cosplay like Sheryl Nome or Megurine Luka ! Of course it depends entirely on what kind of character it is : some have red lips , more dramatic , stage-like make up , etc . Changing the type of fake upper/lower lashes you use will also help to change the overall look .







Behold my fail attempt of acting cute . ( - ___ - '' )




Hope this helps !