Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Daily Make Up Tutorial

Hello guys ~

Actually this is more to how do I do my daily make-up ! Usually my make-up is quite light compared to the make-up I do for my cosplay photoshoots or events. For my daily make-up , I emphasize more on my eye make-up and keep the rest super simple .


Here are the list of make-up stuff that I use everyday :

1# Kate Gradical Eyes BR-1
2# Elianto Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
3# Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner in Black
4# Surprise Stick Concealer [ Etude House ]
5# Lash Expander Frame Plus [ Majolica Marjoca ]
6# TheFaceShop Eyelash Glue
7# Rimmel London Lipstick :Nude Delight
8# Body Shop Loose Powder
9# Etude House Eyelash Curler
10# Vaseline


Step 1 : Moisturize & Conceal


# I start with a clean , moisturized face ! Then I will use my favourite stick concealer to hide all my imperfections : acne scars , dark circles , redness around nose etc . I'm madly in love with the concealer that I bought from Etude House , it blends in really well and covers my dark circles perfectly .

Step 2 : Loose Powder


# Next , I will dab some loose powder all over my face . Okay my face is totally nekkid now , time to dress it up a little ! 8D

Step 3 : Eyebrows


# It's time to draw my eyebrows . To me eyebrows are kinda important because it helps to complete your look . I like having thick eyebrows but unfortunately I'm not blessed with it . :-(

Step 4 : Drawing Eyeliner


# I put on the lightest shade of brown on my eyelids before drawing the eyeliner . ( not in pix ) I use the Heavy Rotation liquid liner from SASA that don't smudge and easy to apply ! I prefer drawing thin lines as close to my lash line as possible .


# For my daily look , I use natural fake lashes , like this ! Fake lashes are definitely something that I can't live without ! I probably have more than 50 pairs of untouched lashes in my drawer by now . :-p

Step 5 : Sticking Fake Lashes & Curling it


# I love using The Face Shop eyelash glue because it sticks really well . ( but it's always out of stock ) After sticking the fake lashes on , I then use an eyelash curler on it . This will make your eyes appear bigger ^^


# That's my left eye with fake lashes and my right eye without .

Step 6 : Applying Mascara on Lower Lashes


# Then I will apply 2-3 coats of mascara on my lower lashes . I'm using Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus . Been using it since last year , never smudges which is super awesome because I'm really scared of panda eyes . ;___;


# So addicted to putting on fake lower lashes that my eyes feel incomplete without it !

Step 7 : Moisturizing Lips


# Vaseline is my life saver . It has been following me since high school days . Apply some vaseline / lipbalm on your lips before lipstick . Dry , chapped lips is a big no-no .


# My new love , Rimmel London lipstick in Nude Delight !

Step 8 : Applying Lipstick


# With lipstick on ! I love this shade very much but sometimes I do use baby pink lipsticks too.

Done !


# Ta-da !! It's done ! ( in less than 5 minutes hur hur )

Before & After


Nah ~The before and after pix ! Honestly I feel quite scared looking at my " before " pix . Confirm even uglier without contact lenses !! Used to think that make-up is unnecessary but now we are inseparable . * cough cough *

Neways , hope that you enjoy this make-up tutorial guys ! ♥