Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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Being in Kurate Town ,Fukuoka Japan for two days then back to Malaysia again feels so surreal. Though it's still cold in Japan , I enjoyed the cold weather a lot. I packed for winter but I didn't even wear my winter coat , I even wore short pants ! 
( I actually bought a new winter coat because I want to look stylish but I end up not needing it  l o l )

When I was in Kurate , I spent the second day alone most of the time . I want to take the time to slowly appreciate the school. As I sat on the chair looking out the window , I thought about myself : the much younger , the teenager version of me.

I was like , " Wow I'm really here ! It's not a dream right ! "

My younger self would have never imagined that one day I would be in Japan , cosplaying in a real Japanese School. I love Anime , Manga , Games and stuff about Japan since I was 4 , but I never had the chance to visit Japan. Even as a child I hardly travel . Growing up not having much , it made me appreciate little things even more. I am so happy and blessed now.

Walking down the corridors of the school , I have many regrets on the many things I should or should not have done . When I was a little girl there were many things I wanted to learn like a musical instrument , art class or even dancing but I had to put my studies first. Thankfully there is one thing I never gave up , which is my love for cosplay.

As I'm writing this , I felt like tearing up a bit . Because I feel really grateful that I was able to experience four prefectures in Japan so far : Nagoya , Chiba , Tokyo and now Fukuoka. It's a magical feeling for me. I want to visit all the prefectures in Japan if possible.

The teenager me wanted to be like my classmates to fit in with everyone else. But I have chosen the path less taken , and that made all the difference. ( familiar right , this is a poem I learnt during secondary school ha ha ) Jokes aside , I'm really grateful for everything. 

I love to travel , visit new places , meet more people , make new friends and cosplay has granted all my secret wishes. This year , I will be visiting two new countries : Australia and New Zealand as Cosplay Guest. I'm really excited ????!!!!!! 

" Believe and your Dreams will grow like Wildflowers. Do you believe ? "

With Love,