Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Hello Everyone !
How are you ?

I hope that everything is well for all of you and my favorite season of the year is 
around the corner ! Yes , Christmas !
For me Christmas is not just about the gifts , but I love being surrounded by
Christmas Decorations. Looking at them just makes me happy.

I know that I've been quiet on my page lately , lacking on updates . . .
( I'm quite active on my Instagram and Twitter though ! )

I'm taking a break actually.
I've been working hard all year long and I needed a short break.
I think it's important to rest when I feel like it ,and I will come back
being more passionate and energized.


Meanwhile let's talk about AFA SG 2015 !
This year I made two new costumes , Teresa from Chain Chronicles
and Boa Hancock from One Piece. Besides being a cosplayer ,
I'm a costume maker too. For those who are new to me , yes I love making costumes !





This is Teresa from Chain Chronicles !
Made this for ARCC Judging Day.
It's really heavy especially the gown but I love wearing dresses.
Somehow it makes me feel like a princess haha !!

( Thank you Kaname-san for the photos ! )



Day 2 as Boa Hancock.

This is a very challenging character for me because .......
I don't know if I'll look ok as her.
I only tried my make-up and wig on the event day itself.

It's such a gamble because if the make up and wig is no good ...
then I'll be sad haha !

But thank you all for liking my Boa cosplay.
I will try my best in future photoshoot !





Sometimes I feel kinda shy during events still.
Every event that I go as cosplay guest , it still feels as if it's my first time.
I get nervous before I go on stage.

Can you guys see / feel it ?



Day 3 AFASG as Rize Kamishiro.

My initial plan was Albedo but I couldn't finish in time for AFASG.
Don't worry , I will finish it for event next year !



Rize is one of my favorite dresses made this year.
You know when I'm not cosplaying , I'm always in jeans and sweaters.
But when I cosplay , I love being in dresses !

Thank you James for this photo !
I love it .



My AFASG 2015 Cosplay Line Up.

Suntec's Washroom Mirror is the Best !


When I got back from Singapore , I started working on my new photobook too.
It's my Shibuya Rin Only Cosplay Photobook.

She is my favorite girl.
I made this costume for an event in Bali earlier this year.
Brings back all the good memories !




It will be available during Comic Fiesta 2015.
There will be 3 different costumes of Rin Shibuya.
I hope that you will like it.



I'm back as Sheryl Nome too.
It has been two years since I cosplayed her.
Quite nervous but I think I can do better.

Sheryl is such a confident character , I need to improve more
to bring out the diva in her.




I'll be having special Christmas Merchandise too.
This time it'll be postcards of Sheryl Nome !
I'll update more on my page soon.


While taking my break , I am actually working on my body and health.
I was once overweight and my face filled with acne and pimples.
I'm not really the slim type of girl and my skin is not perfect either.

I don't like exercises and having a fit body is in my New Year Resolution for years.
This November , I started to make some baby steps to a healthier version of me.
I stopped eating fast food - used to like KFC and McDonalds a lot.
I stopped drinking carbonated or sweet drinks too.
I cut down on carbs like rice and noodles.
( still love bread though argh )


I try my best to do light exercises one hour a day.
I drink lots of water and green tea too.

The result so far is that : My skin got better , no break outs and my hair grew really fast.
I think probably because I loved myself more , that I'm not balding haha !!


Partly because I'm really inspired by My Princess Hermes.
I mentioned this before , she started taking dancing classes and
she's so much fitter and healthier now.
She got me start working out in my own way.

We all started doing different types of exercises with bikini body as our goal
for next year's Bikini Party hahahahahahahaha !!

( though my body is far from it , but nearer than before )


I just bought this jeans like two months ago and it's so big now after I started
my diet and working out. It's my favorite pants though orz.

I still have to work hard on my body because I know that years of bad habit
won't be fixed immediately in few months time. It will be a life long journey.
I'm thankful that I have friends that keeps me motivated !

Thank you Coach Ping for teaching Soo Weai and I
some exercise tips while we were in Bangkok.
How nice if you are based in Malaysia and train us everyday haha !


I was once 84 KG when I was in high school and I got screamed at by
my senior for stepping on her foot during recess time. She called me a " Fatty " . hahahahahaha !! 

So I got into diet and eventually lose some weight but what happens if
 you just diet and don't do exercise ? 
The answer is ... you become Flabby.

Yup ... as I get older , I become more insecure with my body and my health. I get sleepy easily. But after starting my exercises everyday , I feel better about myself. I feel more energy and I feel good after sweating. I still eat my favorite food but I cut down on carbs a lot. My friends even have to google for healthy or low carb place when we eat out together !

I love my desserts and I still eat my cakes and waffles once in awhile. I don't think that eating a piece of cake or waffles once / twice a week will make me gain weight. AFterall weight is just a number . Don't worry too much about it ! Just enjoy !

So now it's few more days to Comic Fiesta.
Are you ready ?
It's my last event for this year.
I hope to see you all and let's have fun before 2015 ends.

See you in Comic Fiesta 2015 !