Saturday, July 25, 2015

Big Bang MADE World Tour 2015 Malaysia


Hello Everyone !

Went to Big Bang's MADE World Tour in Malaysia last night !
It was an amazing experience for me and I've only been to 3 concerts in my life so far , with Big Bang's ALIVE and Made World Tour being the 2/3 concerts. ( which I actually paid the tickets myself to go lol ) I wouldn't say that I'm the type of super fan , but I've enjoyed their songs since 2012. I have the habit listening to songs but didn't know who sang it. 

I watched the Big Bang show when they were still trainees on TV when I was a kid , thinking oh what an unusual name. I heard " Haru Haru " sometimes but I didn't know they sang it lol. I first saw them on MTV while I was on holiday in Bangkok. It was early 2012 I think and the tv was playing Fantastic Baby. 

My first reaction was , " Oh such colorful hair and nice fashion ! " After that I became a fan and went to the ALIVE World Tour in Malaysia back in 2012. I still remember that I couldn't afford the nearer seats and my Princess Hermes accompanied me sitting quite far away lol. It was raining heavily too that day , but love them to bits !



Honestly I didn't even know that they are coming to Malaysia this year !
( fail fan )

When I got to know that they are coming , the tickets were already sold out. Only those not that good seat were left. I remembered thinking whether I should just go for the lousy seats because I just wanna see them ! Somehow I think I was blessed because the very next day they announced a second show. I was like , " OH YES !! " ( and can do online purchase lol )

Was thinking hard which ticket should I get.
Sitting ? Standing ?
I wanted to get the Rock Zone tickets , I wouldn't lie.... it's really kinda expensive for a concert. I thought for a whole day , couldn't decide because RM 800 is a lot of money and I rarely spend on myself that much. Then I was thinking , " Ah it has been 3 years , might as well get a nice ticket and enjoy it ! "

( to make myself feel less guilty , I call it My Birthday Gift To Myself lol )

The Universe works in a mysterious way , and my ticket won a lucky draw for Big Bang's Send Off Event ! It's only 350 lucky winners so I must be blessed to win it !

(♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*





Initially I was supposed to come alone because the only Big Bang Fan friend that I know is Hermes and she told me too expensive already , she don't wanna go lol. Another blessing in disguise . her parents got her the ticket for her birthday ! That's so sweet of them . Thank God I have a bff to go with or else I'll be so awkward and alone.

I'm actually very shy though nobody believes it.
There are few times that Hermes walk away don't know where and I was so scared lol.





Actually we arrived too early.
We went to Putra Indoor Stadium around 4 pm because we wanted to avoid the Friday Jam ! Concert starts at 8.30 pm so we waited a looooooooong time. We killed time by walking around and me playing Tsum Tsum hahahahahahahahahahaha !!

There were lots of people stopping Hermes and asking if she is Japanese.
" Are you Japanese ? "
" errr. I'm local. "

ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ



There was a Malaysia Major Events Booth that you can take photos and upload on Instagram. You need to tag them and they will print out polaroid-like photos for you ! Hermes and I got two of each !

Thanks MME for the photos ! It's a nice way to remember today.





There was another event happening at the same time beside the stadium so the Big Bang Concert started late. They were stuck in jam , so the concert started at 9pm instead. It was tiring , but I don't do this everyday so it's totally worth the wait !

I got the Rock Zone A tickets and we have a queuing number , mine's 120 !
It's quite front but I chose to stand at the back because I think the view is nicer. I stood right in the middle too ! ( I have metal barrier to lean on behind hahaha to rest my back)



I think that Big Bang are like super passionate in what they do.
I heard that they flew in from Korea about noon ? They had to go for rehearsals then concert at night. Plus they were travelling every weekend in different countries. It must be super tiring.

Even when I cosplay and attend events , I feel tired sometimes. Can't imagine how tired they are with all the packed schedules. If it's not concert they have to go for photoshoots / recording / promotion / variety shows. I guess that's how to get on the top , hardwork and passion.



They started with " Bang Bang Bang ! "
Loving all the songs from their new album this year.
And there will be more according to them !




I like all the Big Bang songs.
I mean sometimes you will only like certain songs from certain band / singer.
Oddly enough , I love all the Big Bang songs.
It's just so good and catchy !




This wasn't planned at all lol.
I was standing in the middle of the moving platform so TOP always end up on top of me lol
Most of the audience avoided being below the platform but I stayed underneath and able to snap some photos of TOP ! I have lots of videos too !



I like Daesung and Taeyang the most but they rarely come to the middle.
Here I captured Daesung's back and nose.


Can't help to think that TOP looks good with his new hair color.
Feeling lucky too because he just dyed it for a new song lol.





" IF You "
One of my fav songs , the lyrics are really sad.
They sang it well too. Loving it very much !

They all have great voices and I love Taeyang and Daesung's especially.
TOP has a deep voice that all the girls were crazy over lol.



Every Big Bang member gets a solo , some duo too !
Taeyang sang my fav song of his , " Nose , Lips and Eyes. "
Was super happy that he chose that song among all his songs !






Glad that Daesung gets to shine in their new song , " Sober ".
He gets a Drum Solo , it was really good. You can see his happy face playing the drums !
( he always looks happy but this time extra happy lol )


They also sang some of their best hits , like Fantastic Baby / Lies / Haru Haru / We Like To Party / Bae Bae . I was looking forward to this concert because I really dig all their new songs. It's special ! Especially Bae Bae and Bang Bang Bang ! Loving all the visuals !


I love how they are still so strong , despite being their 10th year together.
I think usually bands don't last that long but they come back everytime stronger and better !
I like how their songs are so good , they are very up to date when it comes to fashion too.
It's eye-catching and they always change their hairstyle , keeping it fresh !



Though I had to miss the Encore because I need to queue for the Send Off Event.
Not sure if it's worth it though. Missed out only 20 minutes of the last part of the concert lol
But it's my first going for these events , I figured just give it a try and experience something new !





Basically a Send Off event is waiting for the Big Bang members to finish their encore then back to change and freshen up a bit before they head into their cars and back to hotel lol. I think we waited for like 1.5 hours to get a 2 min glimpse of them.

I didn't record a video when they were right in front of me.
I think I regret only that lol.
Was thinking I wanna savour that moment and look at them not busy recording lol.

( I think I'm taller than most of them too ;-; )

I would like to be shameless like Mad Max and say , " OH HE LOOK AT ME HE LOOKED AT ME. "



Overall I feel very happy !
I'm not the luckiest person in the world when it comes to lucky draw and somehow I won something. Sometimes I feel very blessed that good things happen to me and I'm thankful no matter how small it is. Just grateful being able to witness their MADE World Tour in Malaysia.  

Through this concert , my love for Seungri actually grew lol.
I realized that in real life he enjoys interacting with his fans a lot and he talks a lot too !
I had a video in my Instagram of him singing " Malaysia Oh Malaysia , I wanna Hug you , I wanna Kiss you. " It was totally random and I couldn't stop laughing.

I totally understand the feeling of being less popular compared to others and I admire his effort of trying hard and be the very best version of himself. I hope that Seungri will shine brighter too in the future !

Oh and another regret , not being able to see a topless Taeyang. ;-;

With Love ,