Monday, June 29, 2015

Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll Gathering


Last Saturday I went out for my very first Smart Doll gathering ! I know I haven't been updating my blog much but if you follow my Facebook Page ( which I update daily ), you will know that I got myself a Smart Doll last April . 

This Smart Doll gathering is organized by Team Crimson Force . I met them last year through Danny during a movie gathering ~ since then they have been inviting me for movies and card games outing. I wouldn't lie that I was kinda nervous and shy when I first met them for the first time but they welcomed me like a part of their family lol ! /shy

For this gathering , I made Mirai-chan a new outfit ! 


I'm still new in making doll apparels though I've been making costumes for myself , 8 years and still counting. Doll apparels are so small and I think it requires even more patience when it comes to sewing. This is my second doll apparel made !


This dress is made with all the things that I like : Laces.
These laces are those that I use for my cosplay costumes as well. I'm still not very good in making doll patterns , but I'm slowly learning. It's feels like when I first started making costumes , making patterns do scare me a lot .



I think Mirai-chan looks cute in this strapless mini dress !

(´ ▽`).。o♡


I added some pink details , charms and more laces.



Use back lacing for the opening because my pattern made can't really fit Mirai-chan. Thank God that I came up with this idea. It made it look like a short wedding gown !




My cat , Trumpet has taken a liking towards Mirai-chan. She is always sleeping / laying down near Mirai-chan. They look so cute together !



Ready to go out with Mirai-chan !



I don't have a bag to carry Mirai around , so I brought her out with the Smart Doll paperbag ! It's very convenient bringing her around like this ~ glad that I still kept the paperbags.





Here's four lovely Mirai Smart Doll.
They are posed by Alphond , don't they all look cute ?
Seems like I still have much more to practice and learn when it comes to handling my girls.




I hope that there will be more gatherings like this in the future !
It's so much fun talking about dolls with other doll enthusiasts , sharing about information and ideas ! ( Besides , Mirai-chan gets to meet her sisters XD )



We had lunch in Food Republic after watching Minions.
This must be the most expensive mixed rice I ever had , it's RM 16 lol.
To be fair , it was really delicious so I guess it's okay ! Paired up with my fav " Teh Ais ".




After lunch , we went to a cafe for some card games.
Joshua , our Lord Of Card Games brought his deck of " Card Against Humanity. "
I've heard of this game but it's my first time playing it.



Basically , we have Black and White card. The Black cards are question cards and the white cards are the answers. So each round , one person will draw a question card , then all the players will submit their answers. The one who asks the question then will pick the answer that he/she likes the most. ( very ez game )


This game is hilarious lol.
I think it's a super fun game and everyone laughed a lot when playing it. It's really enjoyable because you get to see who is the " terrible person " among yourselves. The more terrible you are , the most likely you will walk away as the winner !



Thank you Team Crimson Force for inviting me for this fun-filled gathering !
It's really nice meeting you all again and it's very fun hanging out with you all.
( Gosh next time please tell me the dress code ! I feel so odd man out here ahahaha ! )



They have taught me the joy of playing card games.
* cough cough *

Happy that our passion for Culture Japan and Smart Doll have brought us together !


Thank you Joshua for the Tanto Cure Card !
(´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡

With Love ,