Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ASUS Strix Gaming Gears Review


Hello guys !

As you all know I'm totally crazy about gaming especially FPS ( First Person Shooter ) games and League of Legends. I've been gaming with PS4 until last year I finally switched over to Gaming Desktop. Before this I play League using my old laptop which I end up disconnecting in games or lagged so badly that I couldn't reconnect. I love League a lot but I couldn't even enjoy a bit back then. 

When I got my gaming desktop , I was super stoked ! The very first game that I installed was League of Legends and also started playing Steam Games. Much thanks to all of you who always send me games , I could never run out of games to play !

For those who wants to know about my gaming desktop specs , here it is :

Processor = i5 4460
Motherboard = ASUS H97 Pro Gamer
Memory = 8GB Kingston Fury
Hard Drive = ITB WD Blue
Graphic Card = ASUS R9 270 2GB
Dual Monitors = ASUS HDMI 22" and ASUS LCD Monitor VX239
Casing = CM Elite 311



In February 2015 , I was lucky enough to be one of the few in Malaysia to get to try out the new ASUS STRIX Gaming Peripheral. Thank you ASUS Malaysia for the awesome gaming gears !

I'm just a casual gamer who enjoys playing games with my friends besides costume making and cosplaying during my free time. I do stream my game plays once in awhile via Twitch. Can't express how much the new STRIX gaming series help me during my games and stream.



Here are the lovely gaming gears from ASUS Malaysia !

1.  STRIX Tactic Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
2. STRIX Claw Optical Gaming Mouse
3. STRIX Glide Control Gaming Mouse Pad
4. STRIX Pro Gaming Headset





Since the majority of my gaming desktop parts are from ASUS , imagine my excitement when I'm given the opportunity to test out these awesome gaming gears ! It's my first time doing a review on gaming peripheral as well.

My first impression upon receiving the STRIX Gaming Series is that the packaging looks premium ! It comes with a big colorful packaging and quality weight. The items inside is beautifully presented with all the standard documentations.

The word STRIX is taken from the ancient Greek and Roman word for " Owl ", which also means the keenest hearing and sharpest eyesight. Which explains the beautiful design of the Strix series , having an owl logo everywhere in their product.




1. STRIX Tactical Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard.

First off , let me start with the keyboard ! To be honest , this is my first time using a mechanical keyboard. Before this , I'm using a normal keyboard. Let me tell you this , a mechanical keyboard really does wonders !

My first reaction when holding the keyboard was " Whoa , it's heavy ! " It has a solid and heavy feel to it which makes the keyboard steady even during spirited keyboard jamming. It's presented in STRIX matte black and amber lettering for the keys.

The keyboard also comes with programmable macro buttons and back light with a minimum of 21 extra macro buttons. If you are a first timer like me , do not worry because the programming for the keys are made easy with the STRIX software to assign the buttons.


The USB cable on the keyboard is thick and solid plus it's mesh braided. It also comes in generous length for those who likes to game in living room. Usage wise , the buttons are spot on and precise. 

It's a plus for me especially when I play League a  lot , the accurate executing of commands when timing is very important. The number of missed timings has greatly reduced during my gaming session. It is indeed , lightning fast response , as promised !


2. STRIX Claw Optical Gaming Mouse

Next up is the mouse ! Size wise , it's really comfortable on my palms. It's designed for all grip styles. It has a matte rubber-ish finish , which is similar to the mechanical keyboard. 

Just like the keyboard , the mouse also comes with generous length for the cable with angled braided fiber that's non-tangling ! So say goodbye to all the annoying tangles that I'm facing all the while.

This mouse is also crafted specially for First Person Shooting Gamers. Although I haven't personally used the feature yet , it has a de-clutch feature which is useful for gamers that's using a sniper rifle. It basically allows the player to manually decide to decrease/increase the sensitivity of the aim to provide a sharper aim when using a scope.

I think that the overall usage of the mouse satisfying with a comfortable grip as well as a quality weightage when moving the mouse.


3. STRIX Glide Control Mouse Pad

The mouse is also supported by the mouse pad by STRIX.  The mouse pad is quite big , which I like a lot because it has more space for movement. It is made out of premium weave fabric with embroidered edges.

The textured surface of the mouse pad provides accurate controlled movement, smooth and precise gliding for the mouse.


4. STRIX Pro Gaming Headset.

My first impression of the headset was , " Wow so big ! " Previously I was using a Razer Kraken , the size of the STRIX headset is definitely bigger than Razer Kraken's. 

It has an interesting cup design which when folded looks like the bird eyes of STRIX. There is a non-adjustable microphone that can be detached when not in use. On top of the headband is a soft padded gel that is stretchable like a band.

The sound quality is really good and what I like the most  about the STRIX Pro is that it has a environmental noise cancelling technology that filters out 90 % of noises. ( which means you can't hear my mechanical keyboard sound or my cats meowing ! )



It also comes with a USB Powered Control Box , where you can adjust the volume as well as activate noise cancelling , including muting and turning the sound off entirely. Loving this feature very much as it filters out distracting noises so that it won't affect your team mates while in game.

It's also compatible with not only PC and Mac computers but smartphones , other consoles and tablets as well. The STRIX Pro is extremely comfortable to wear , even when I stream my games on Twitch for hours , I don't have a problem with it. 


My overall opinion about the STRIX Gaming Series is that the gaming package is very good as it has increased my gaming experience as a whole. I wouldn't say that I'm very good in gaming , but with these new gears , things has certainly improved and it's noticeable. It's easier for me to stream too because the headset is so easy to use that it doesn't require any tuning , just plug it in and it's ready to use !

The environmental noise cancelling feature is my favorite because my cats tend to meow a lot when I'm playing games , it helps a lot that it doesn't distract my team mates when we are playing League. I like the angled braided fiber cables for the keyboard , mouse and headset , it's knot and tangle-free now !



Thank you so much ASUS Malaysia for giving me this great opportunity . Wouldn't have discovered the joy of using these awesome gears without you ! 

Thanks for bringing STRIX to Malaysia !

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With Love,