Saturday, August 30, 2014

Menya Kamikaze @ 1MontKiara


Hello guys !

I actually received messages requesting me to blog more if I'm free ( not making costumes / playing games / taking naps lol ). Since now I'm free from my college ~ no more assignments and projects - so why not ?

Today I am super passionate to share with you about my favourite Ramen restaurant in KL ! Since it first opened 2-3 months ago , I've been visiting this restaurant for at least 6 times lol ? I love Japanese Food a lot because I don't eat spicy food and it's just right for me.

Sushi Zanmai , Pasta Zanmai , Sukiya and Senya are the Japanese restaurants that I visit quite often ~ lately Menya Kamikaze is added to the awesome list !


Menya Kamikaze @ 1MontKiara is a ramen restaurant specializing in CharSu (pork) Ramen ! Their ramen portion is really big and their service is superb !


This is their Japanese Chef giving a thumbs up for me !

( I think he noticed that Hermes and I wanted to take photo of the CharSu so he suddenly appear with a thumbs up twice lol. He is kinda cute though ! )




I tried out a few ramen restaurants around KL area and Menya Kamikaze is still my no.1 ! I really like the soup , it's very thick and also the CharSu ~ the noodles and the egg ! In conclusion I love everything about this ramen except it might be a little oily but still .... extremely delicious !



Man ... Look at how thick the CharSu is .
Hermes and I visited this ramen store twice this week and the meat just getting thicker and thicker. Till Hermes decided to ask him in Japanese , " Why is the Charsu so big and thick ".
He laughed and answered , " Service , Service ".



I love Menya Kamikaze very much !

( but have to drink more green tea yeah ! )

I guess that's all for tonight ? I hope that you enjoyed my food post. Actually I just had the ramen 2 hours ago so I was really excited to share bout this hehe.

With Love ,