Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ozine Fest Philippines Day 3 + Day 4

Hello everyone ! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Taking a break from my college assignments to continue writing about my trip to Philippines for Ozine Fest 2014 earlier this year . * plays LoveLive songs while blogging hehe *

Do you guys know that I love to travel a lot ? Especially for conventions because I enjoy meeting people and cosplayers from another country !. It's surreal being able to experience all these and I'm very grateful for each and every opportunity that I've gotten so far ! Thank you for all your support ! ヽ(´□`。)ノ

I will try my best to share more about my sweet memories and my travels with you guys here in my blog ~  I have three more events this month and I'll definitely blog bout it ! 


Saturday. Ozine Fest .

I have my #spy Princess Hermes walking around to take photos on my behalf during the event !

* laughs *

She's my eyes and ears . lol




According to Princess Hermes , there are lots of people in the event hall ! You can see from the pictures how packed the event is ~ There's an on-going cosplay competition and I heard that there's more than 200 ++ participants ? Gosh , I wish that I can witness all the lovely skits !



I cosplayed as Ayane from Dead or Alive on Saturday ! With my Princess Hermes who wore a matching lilac dress too. * squishes * She is too cute !

CIMG0905 CIMG0909

Have lots of our selcas together. ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿


Look what I found in the guest room !

Minion from League of Legends !


So nicely made ~ all with foam , I'm so impressed !!
Too bad I didn't bring my Ahri cosplay over !


With the Korean beauties cosplaying as Date A Live characters !

JDoll as Kurumi , Aza as Yoshino and YannByul as Miku !

Their costumes are so beautiful ~ love their fabric choices and laces , trimmings ! Would love to visit them in Korea one day and visit their fabric street !  ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ


* heavy breathing *


* heavy breathing *

They are all very nice and friendly in person. You'll definitely be charmed !

( I'm charmed  >//////< )


During Meet and Greet !

There are many of you who actually came for all three days ! 
It's my first time here in the Philippines , I'm glad to be able to meet you all and thank you for liking my cosplays and costumes ~ (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)


With one of the participant of the meet and greet who came in with his cosplay !
So cool !
We had a fighting stance together woohooo !

( and we are of same height lol )



Final day of Ozine Fest !

Look at the queue outside the convention hall !


For the final day of Ozine Fest , I cosplayed as Super Sonico in her tiger parka ver.
My most casual costume out of three days ! ♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・


With Princess Hermes , YannByul as PopStar Janna , Aza as PopStar Ahri and Jdol as Pop Star Caityln.


Today Princess Hermes is dressing up as " Sweet Cherry Girl " lol.
I think quite a lot of people is charmed by my little princess right here too !


Aza's PopStar Ahri is so cute !

Gosh I want her fluffy tails ~ and it's made in a way that it's not too heavy ! 
Learnt something new today ~ ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


Ta-da ~~~
Are you charmed ? (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Everyone that is waiting in the meet and greet room !

( spotted Shiroe-sama right there ! )



I've received lots of gifts and love from you all during my 3-day meet and greet event !
Plushies , letters , artwork , tidbits , keychains , t-shirts and etc , I love them all !

Though I wish that you could write down your names along with you gifts so that I can remember you if we would meet again one day !


Thank you for your kindness everyone ! My trip to Philippines has been very happy and memorable !


* SHY *

My fav food from the convention !!
I was so sad that Hermes gets to eat it everyday lol.
Bryan bought me one too on the final day ~ gosh it was super duper yummy !!
I love eggs with rice very much. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


After our meet and greet , we get to visit the Ozine Maid Cafe for their yummy dinner and the moe maids !

Look at the cake ~ written " From Ozine to YingTze ! "



Custom made Panda Rice for us too !

Too cute to devour !






Pictures with all the lovely staffs and organizers who took great care of us during our Ozine Fest trip ! Everyone is so helpful that Hermes and I felt super touched with their great hospitality !

Here we would like to thank everyone who made our trip so sweet and memorable ! Thank you for this unforgettable experience ! \(^▽^)/





As for my Korean beauties , 

It's my second time meeting Aza since AFA Malaysia 2012 , my first time meeting Jdoll and YannByul ! I like their costumes a lot and how nice having good friends cosplaying together as a team ! Not only that , they are such friendly and sweet girls too !

Keep on smiling !! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿



Thank you Ozine Fest 2014 for having us !
Till we meet again !


Finally , a photo of Princess Hermes and I wearing the lovely t-shirts , gifts from Tomodachi T-Shirts Thailand ! This is their lovely mascot ! Too kawaii ! (。´∀`)ノ

I'll be flying to Surabaya tomorrow for ANICULT 2014 !
There'll be cosplay guests , cosplay walk , BJD booths , artists booth , butler cafe and more ~ will snap lots of pix to show you guys ! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

* excited *

With Love,