Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend in Singapore !


Hello everyone !

Yup , you guessed it right ! I was in Singapore last weekend and it was a blast !

Been awhile since I travelled by bus to Singapore. It's a 5 hour journey via bus ( I know it seems so longgggggg ) but it was a pleasant journey for me ~ I slept all the way to Singapore plus they provided blanket and a meal ! 

p/s : I brought my own pillow too. 


Hello Sunny Singapore !

What I love about Singapore is how convenient it is to get everywhere. You guys have awesome train and bus systems lolololol !


I'm very lucky to be in the good hands of Lenneth !

If you are wondering who is Lenneth , I'll introduce you to her later ~ ( lots of cosplay pictures below hehe )

She brought me around Chinatown because I wanted to visit the places where Singaporean cosplayers get their fabrics / sewing supplies and etc. It was really an eye-opener because there are many things that I couldn't find back here in KL ! I wouldn't say it's cheap but it's really convenient if you needed any last minute shopping for cosplay materials !

Enjoyed myself very much here ! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


Also had a fun night out , bonding with my team mates , photographer and helpers before our Kyoukai no Kanata photoshoot the following day ! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿


Lenneth is a big fan of Rilakkuma , a even bigger fan than me !

Look at how gigantic her Rilakkuma is ! O(≧▽≦)O


Woke up early in the morning for a selca with the giant Rilakkuma ! 

( must contain my excitement because I'm Mitsuki Nase today lolololol )




Meet CVY , who is my sweeeeet Mirai for today !

I'm usually very good in masking my excitement. I'm a big fan of her cosplay works and she have really awesome costuming skills. ( silently fangirls )



It's like Christmas came early to me this year , because I'm suddenly blessed with a group cosplay ! I rarely do group cosplays because my height is difficult to match ;-; but here I am taking the girl role this time and my Akkey + Hiroomi is taller than me !!!

Plus , it's a combination of Lenneth + CVY + Kanasaii san.  I'm so amazed because it's my first time watching them in action after following their works for years. They are so in character and I was so inspired ! They are awesome !


~(๑ñ﹏ ⊙☆)ノ


Best of all , my team mates - I can really feel that they are super into this series as much as I do. Our Hiroomi which is constantly looking for opportunity to armpit-fy Akkey. It was hilarious !!

Thank you for having this oversized Mitsuki ! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


This is Lenneth , who came back from US ! She's a very talented cosplayer and makes her own cosplay costumes too. Her crossplays always make me drool and her girl cosplays are stunningly gorgeous too !

A wonderful host during my time here in Singapore and also my lovely onii-chan , Hiroomi ! If I was Mitsuki in an alternate universe , I think I would love my brother Hiroomi just as much as he loves me lololol.

I never thought bowl cuts can be this hot ! 



Super out of character photos here but I think I did pulled off some judging and disgusted faces during the photoshoot lol.

 ( ohhhhh Onii-chan and I shares the same scarf !!! /becomes creepy )


Kanasaii-san and CVY looks so lovely as Akkey x Mirai here. Can you feel the romantic vibe ?

All the polaroids by Blurmage !

Thank you so much ! \(^▽^)/

p/s : Notice Hiroomi and Akkey's expression in the group pix ? LOL 

Thank you so much for all the helpers , XiaoBai , Ash , Leo and Jasmione for your time and all the help throughout the photoshoot !  ♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・


Another thing I loveeee about Singapore is .. THE MOS BURGER !

( because we don't have it in Malaysia , don't judge meeeeee  /SHY )

During my trip here , I had Mos Burger twice and tried out their new burger. It was .. heavenly.



Loving this the most !! Because I like beef and eggs !

Do you know that I absolutely adore their milk tea too ? I love putting in lots of milk !!


Met my long time home town friend , Shevonne too ! She is so supportive of me that I'm feeling so touched ~ Glad to be able to catch up even though it's just a few hours.

Thank you Sweetie !!  (´ε` )♡



Bumped into Tsukasa and Judy , cosplayers from Taiwan in Kinokuniya @ Takashimaya. Was just watching their Live stream for WOW Japan few days back and am so lucky to be able to meet them in person again !

( I secretly wished that I could have put on some make-up or even combed my hair and I look ... unglam here lololol )

They are so friendly in person , extremely lovable ! ♡ლζ(♛ε♛*ζლ♡


Cosplayers Reunite !

Frank who is a representative for WCS Singapore and won 2nd for World Cosplay Summit 2012 ~ thank you so much for coming over for short meet up and ride to the bus station !




Look what I got from my Singapore trip !

A bias tape maker and white furry thingie for my cosplay ! I was super excited with these purchases. Something that I couldn't find here. 

Sometimes I feel like an auntie , people usually get excited over shopping in Singapore but all I wanna see is sewing related things and alpacas lol

Anyways , that's my Singapore trip ! Can't wait to see the final outcome of the photos !


With Love ,