Monday, October 21, 2013

COSMART 2013 @ Parkamaya , Fahrenheit 88


Hi everyone !

How's your weekend ? 

My weekend was pretty productive and fun ! I attended COSMART which was organized by Comic Fiesta @ Parkamaya on the 19th & 20th October. Here I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the Comic Fiesta committee for organizing this wonderful event.

COSMART in an event where the main highlight is the cosmart bazaar - with booths featuring cosplay related items like tailoring services , pre-loved cosplay items like wigs and costumes , props and etc. 


Not only that , COSMART also feautured Studio Omoshiroi , Naneee? Photography , Angie and I for cosplay workshops. I was really honored when they invited me to talk about my costume making experience. It is my first time having a cosplay panel so I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I'm glad to see everybody though , thanks for coming and listening to me! Hope that it answers some of your questions about costume making.

Any questions you would like to ask can always drop me a PM in Facebook !


I shared a booth with my beloved , non other than my Princess Hermes. Thank you princess for being there for me although I was away quite often to run errands. 

We arrived around 9 am for both days to set up our booth " HimeNeko". So why the name " HimeNeko " ? Hime is Princess , and Neko is cat in Japanese. Guess it's pretty obvious that Hermes is the Princess while I'm the Cat !


Our booth is B3 , quite near to the entrance !


This signboard is our fruits of labour lol. Hermes actually dropped by my place on Tuesday so that we could work on the signboard and sort out the wigs together. I'm glad to have her as my partner because she is always punctual and I know that I can count on her. ^^


My gorgeous Princess Hermes. Her fashion style is awesome ! She never fail to surprise me whenever we hang out together. Always looking so pretty and fashionable. Make me feel shy standing beside her because I am more of casual style ( sweaters and jeans ) lol.


Our Day 1 selca ! 

Hermes in a French School Girl style and I'm in my usual sweater look lol. At least I'm in purple , kinda match our booth color theme which is pastel and everything sweet . 


Our Day 2 selca.

Hermes in her Amo style. She look so pretty today. Super love everything on her ! And I'm cosplaying as Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa. Upupupu !


Special thanks to Ritchie who came over on Saturday to help out with our booth ! I was busy sewing my costume whole day and I'm glad that Ritchie is here to accompany my princess for lunch at least she's not so lonely. We all had a Marutama Ramen for dinner that day. Thank you Ritchie !


Hardworking CF committee members.

Do look forward towards COMIC FIESTA this coming December ! It's the biggest event in Malaysia. Remember to get the early bird tickets while you can ~ there will be a looooooong queue during event day itself ! 

Are you excited for CF ? I know I am already ! ^^


Cosmart super packed with cosplayers and visitors !


I think that this event is the perfect place for cosplayers to get good deals for wigs / costumes or props. It's also where you can have a good look at the items before purchasing it. Not only that for first time cosplayers , you can also get more information and advice from the booth owners , who are also cosplayers themselves !


It has been fun for me because I haven't been attending local events much due to my hectic college schedule. I'm really blessed to be able to meet more cosplayers , catching up with friends and having conversations with everyone ! 


Thank you everyone who dropped by our booth during Cosmart 2013 ! 

Much love for those who came to say Hi , exchanged coscards and took pictures of us too. We are happy and grateful for all the good experience we had during COSMART. Hopefully there will be more COSMARTS soon ! It would be fun teaming up with Hermes again hehe.


With Potter.

Thank you for handling the booth registration so well. Thank you for the opportunity too !


With Yoke !

She is so friendly and funny ~ thanks for the lovely Maple Cookies and Chocolate from Canada. It is so delicious ! Hermes and I enjoyed it very much. 


My first official photo with my long-time photographer who help me snap lots of beautiful pictures , Blur from Naneee? Photography ! Very sweet person !

* happy face *

Thanks Kenneth from KennTee photography who accompanied me for interviews and took photos for me as well during CosMart. 

Much love for Nerv for inviting me for the cosplay workshop for me to share my costume making experience. It's an eye opening experience for me sharing in front of so many people. ^^ Thank you !

Thank you Wani for helping me with the slides !

Thank you CF Committee members for working hard in making CosMart such a successful event ! /big hugs







After CosMart Day 2 ended , Hermes and I had dinner with Wynnie , Lavence and Ritchie. We had Sushi Zanmai for dinner ! Sushi Zanmai is like our favorite hang out place. 

Hermes and I super love Japanese food. Actually we love everything bout Japan. They are heading to Osaka , Japan for vacation next month. I won't be going because I'll be attending AFA Singapore ! Guys , please snap more photos for me to see okay ?


The girls - Me , Wynnie and Hermes !


I'm crazy about noodles lately. I'm not a noodle person normally but I'm high on ramen and udon. I had ramen three times this week and udon twice lol. Sushi Zanmai's Chicken Katsu Udon is superb ! * ten thumbs up *

The large portion is really big and the chicken katsu comes with generous portion of salad ! My favorite dish so far ! Yummy !


Got myself a new backpack from Parkamaya as well. My old bag is in a terrible condition and the buckle came off so I had to replace it lol. Loving this studded backpack so much hehe.

If you ever drop by Pavilion , make sure you try Gelatomio , the ice-cream kiosk right in front of Forever 21. Tried this out last week and I'm hooked ! It's really nice , better than Baskin Robbin in my opinion. The portion is quite big too. My favorite flavours are mint choco chip , blueberry cheesecake and coffee ! Had this twice this week lol. * becomes fatty *







All the lovely coscards that I got from Cosmart !!

Thank you !! * shy *


Lovely gift art from Erza Valentine / Seraphina !

It's really sweet of you to make me a small card with Junko Enoshima drawing on it ~ can't believe that you actually made the card in the morning ! I will do my best and make better costumes , thanks for cheering for me girl ! / big big hugs

p/s : It's not messy at all. It's really neat ^^


One of my dream came true during CosMart too.

I took picture with this super cute life-sized Rilakkuma omggggg !!! * faints * I love Rillakuma a lot and in my bag I have at least 4 Rilakkuma related items. I wish I can bring this Rilakkuma home !! She is too adorable !!

I will be attending Japan Matsuri @ Pluit Village , Jakarta this weekend. Excited to meet everyone in Indonesia again ! See you there !

With Love ,

Ying Tze