Monday, August 20, 2012

My Neko Family

Hello !

College will be starting in two days time ! Omg , looking back I realized that I wasted another sem break again as usual ~ ( ;-; ) I'm so lazy . I guess I really like just lying on my bed doing nothing whole day. Hehe. Anyways ! Shall be busy this week because guess what ? Animagaki is coming soon ! I will be cosplaying on Sunday only ~ as Kyoko Sakura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. It's my first time making props so I really hope that it will turn out decent. :p

Okay , the main point of this post is about my cats. So if you follow my blog since last year , you would remember that I adopted two cats lol - Fatty & Scrawney. Fast forward a year , they had babies ! So now I'm a proud mother of five !


Proud mother of 5 face.
A vain pix of myself ! * cough cough *


This is my Scrawney. She is really slim and small sized even thought I did de-worm her and fed her supplements and salmon oil . D;


This is my Fatty Boy. Fatty is big & fat . I feed them all the same amount of food but Fatty is way bigger . fatter and cuter lol.


Meet the kittens . Nicknamed the " Three Musketeers " !


I feel that Scrawney is a very good mother . She loves her kittens a lot , bathe them and still gives them milk even though they are so big now ! ( O____O " )  You can see from this pix that the kittens are all so big already !


Scrawney & her son , Orange.


Scrawney likes to make suspicious face. When I look at her , I always feel like she did something wrong . Like she secretly peed on my bed or something lol . Not only that , it's still a mystery to me on why 2/3 of her kittens doesn't look like her or Fatty lol. Like suddenly why got orange colored kitten one ? D8


Jeebsus.This is where I keep the cat food. I think Scrawney uses " The Secret ". Maybe when she's pregnant she kept looking at the food jar. Secretly wishing for and orange kitten IDK. Whatever it is , it worked. LOL


This is Stumpy. Stumpy is the most obedient among the three !


She likes sitting beside me whenever I'm using the computer. When I say , no , she'll understand unlike Orange LOLOLOL. ( Orange likes to destroy my things :p )


I love Stumpy very much even though people telling me she's not as pretty as her siblings :( I think all my kittens are beautiful in their own way :3


Stumpy being obedient ! (* w * )


The most beautiful , Trumpet.


Another mystery of my life . How come suddenly two short fur cat mixed dy become a fluffy one. Trumpet's fur is very long, soft and luxurious lol.


She likes to watch YouTube ! A very curious one !


She very pretty can !  Anyways , I named her Trumpet because she when she purr , she sound like trumpet sound lol. It goes like " eeeek eekk pett ". Serious one. ( * ____ * ) Extreme cute-ness !


Look at her tail ! It's super long and fluffy ! Look like a Lemur's tail :p

My house is like a cat farm now. But no worries ~ will bring Fatty & Orange for neuter soon when Orange is old enough ! I don't know how to express my happiness for having such beautiful cats and they are so playful and healthy ~ they aren't snobbish at all and let me touch & pat all I want hehe. Who says cats are proud ? LOL

I sleep with Fatty cuddling next to me every night ! /shy ( * ____ * )

My cats are very big part of my life ! Aside from college and all , I spend most of my time with them. ( I'm not anti-social ahhhh lol ) I just enjoy lazing at home , cuddling with cats but I do like going out for movies and food too. Sometimes I feel that my cats & I can take over the world and I can live with them forever and won't be falone anymore.Then my friends said to me " Don't be the next cat lady ahh. " :-p Okaylah I won't. I'm perfectly happy with five . ( * v * )

I wonder how Orange , Trumpet & Stumpy will grow up to be. Curious yeah. *fingers crossed for healthy & happy cats * :) That's all I hope for !

With Love ,

Cheryl :-*