Friday, August 3, 2012

Korean BBQ Dinner @ Nak Won Korean BBQ , Ampang

Hello guys !

Just wanna share about the awesome and cheap Korean BBQ place that Xing intro-ed us few weeks back ! Following them around really made me gained weight ~ everything so yummy that our outing activity is 80 % food , food and more food LOL . Anyways , Xing brought us to his fav Korean BBQ restaurant which he keep telling us " very cheap " and so we went to give it a try ! :-)


Princess Hermes and I .

( Yes , must remember to address her as " princess " okay , if not she wont answer u lol )


Nak Won Korean BBQ @ Ampang . Quite a busy and cosy place !



Prince Xing and Princess Hermes .

The blonde siblings :-*


Ritchie and I .

He looks cute with glasses on right ? :-p


Xing and his luxury nose . Very pretty boy la him ! I cannot take pictures with him because I end up look more a guy than him. /SADDED


Pretty Pretty Hermes :-p


I don't really eat Korean BBQ that often , so Ritchie and I leave the ordering part to the experts ! In case you don't know hor , Xing can totally speak some basic Korean ! Talented boy !


Korean Sauces :-*


Vegetables that goes with the BBQ meat . Yummy !


Woots ! All our side dishes arrived ! So many to choose from ~ and it's refillable ! And it's all vegetarian ~ so if you like veggies , I guess you'll pretty enjoy this :-D


Ritchie looking nervous . I'll tell you why later LOL


Woots ! Delicious Korean BBQ Meat on the way !


We all holding our phone non-stop during dinner. Have to instagram and tweet about dinner and all .

/true story


Now , it's Ritchie's first time having Korean Food . LOL. His facial expression reads :

" Erm what is this omg ? "


" Uh erm , I don't wanna eat , can arr ?"

Okaylah , I feel kinda bad also because Ritchie don't really eat dinner at night and I think he had an upset stomach afterwards. Poor thing ! /pats pats.

Next time bring him eat something else :-p


oh my Korean BBQ !! /drools


I really enjoy Korean BBQ because it's all meat and veggie ? I try not to take carbs so it's just nice for me. I love the side dishes especially the fruit salad and Kimchi ! I usually don't take spicy food but I love Kimchi hehe. :-3


Okay ~ last pix of the day ~ Gosh , I haven't eat lunch yet and I'm feeling so hungry after blogging about this LOL !

Oh , this delicious Korean BBQ meal only cost us RM 20 per person . I think it's quite affordable compared to Dorae ~ but I prefer Dorae's Marinated Pork better ! /shy. Anyways , overall it's quite nice ! /thumbs up to Xing for recommending this place to us wheee !

With Love ,

Cheryl :-*